Reproductive Medical Tourism in Ukraine

The St. Michael’s Monastery in Kiev, Ukraine

Reproductive medicine in Ukraine functions in a distinctive environment. This environment was formed due to the rapid development of the medical industry in Ukraine, liberal legislation and the fact that the reproductive medical tourism in Ukraine tends to attract third parties, such as the agencies. Third parties who work in this environment usually takes care about choosing egg donors or gestational carriers for the infertile couple.

The fundamentals of the reproductive medical tourism in Ukraine were laid in 1990 by the first successful IVF cycle that was done in Ukraine and led in the first birth in Ukraine of a child conceived through IVF. For the first time in Ukraine a gestational surrogacy program was performed in 1992. Rapid advances in assisted reproductive technologies (ART) over the past two decades have been achieved, and the quality such as pregnancy success rates and birth rates has increased significantly. Ukraine is considered one of the most advanced providers of reproductive medicine in Europe. For example, in 2017, the birth of the world’s first baby conceived with a pronuclear transfer (“three-parent baby”) occurred in Ukraine.

The reproductive medical tourism takes place when patients crossing borders to seek the best fertility treatments. As Ukraine is one of the most advanced countries in the world in the field of ART, the number of foreign patients engaging in the reproductive medical tourism in Ukraine is estimated to be high. The low cost of fertility treatments in Ukraine in comparison with North America and Europe is also the key motivating factor for many medical tourists.

Currently, the field of ART in Ukraine covers both traditional forms of fertility treatments using the eggs, sperm and uterus of the infertile couple itself, and egg donation and gestational surrogacy methods that require the participation of third parties. Therefore, the liberal legislation on fertility treatments in Ukraine has recently led to a significant increase in the number of reproductive medical tourists.

Rikas Medical is the reproductive medical tourism and gestational surrogacy agency providing the full range of fertility treatments in Ukraine on the turnkey basis. Rikas Medical’s approach is based on the mutually beneficial partnership between our patients, their families and us. We are delighted with your wish to becoming happy parents. We value the given opportunity to help you in this journey.

Thanks to Dmitry, Rikas Medical

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