A list of Recommended Typing Games for Your Kid

It is without doubt that the world has tremendously changed in terms of technological advancement in this century. One of the greatest inventions that man has made is indeed the invention of the computer. We now have computers with us almost everywhere and they have formed part of our day to day operations. Having basic computer for any individual living in this age indeed is vital. This is why it is imperative for modern day parents to take a keen interest in ensuring that their kids learn typing. But with the many typing games and resources for kids how can a parent find recommended typing games ideal for their kids?

In this article, we provide parents with a unique list of recommended typing games that will really help their children master the art of typing seamlessly.

Typeroids Top Row Mission

This is a good typing game that requires the player to shoot at aliens that are attempting to invade the Earth. To be able to shoot the aliens the player will need to type letters and he typing needs to be done quick. Any delay in typing the letters enables the aliens reach your ship and destroy it. To be successful in the game the aim is just one; type the letters quick to prevent the aliens from destroying your ship.

Key Man

Key Man is yet another interesting typing game that will easily help your kid learn typing easily. The aim of the player is to move the man called Key-Man through a maze in order to swallow dots before being caught by ghosts. Navigating Key-Man through the maze is done by typing letter keys instead of using arrow keys. The letters that the kid is supposed to type appear on the screen. Every time Key-Man moves the letters to be typed also change and the child player needs to type the letters. It is a very interesting game that will keep the child glued to the screen for long periods.

Glider Cats Words

This is another fun game for children to learn how to create different new words by use of letters. The child player can type 3-10 letter words and with more and more practice it enables the child to grow even stronger at typing.


This typing game for kids features boxes that appear on the screen. The child playing the game is required to press the correct keys in order to construct a good row. With every success of forming a good row, another box forms and then the kid will need to press the right keys again.

Learn Keyboarding

It is an interactive kids typing game where kids learn how to use a PCs keyboard in an engaging manner. It is divided in to three distinct semi-lessons. Kids learn how to type letters, symbols, and the alphabet. Later, as the playing kid keeps progressing the kid will be taken to an exercise that they need to use the keyboard click on descending letters, numbers, symbols, before a set time.

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