We all want healthy, good-looking skin. We abide by all the rules for smooth, glowing skin; drink plenty of water, exfoliate and cleanse regularly, but somehow we still fall short of having that silky we so much long for.

Unwanted hair growth, if let loose, can make our skin rough and bumpy, however, one needs to be careful when getting rid of unwanted body hair so they don’t damage their skin. There are a number of hair removal options, each with its own pros and cons and suitable for various body parts.

Here are some hair removal tips for the most common places.

Hands and legs

Your limbs are probably the largest surface you can ever remove hair from. Most people opt to shave their legs, but this often leaves tiny spots from where the hair was cut off. While some people still shave using the traditional razor blade, electric shavers are highly recommended since they don’t irritate the skin as much as a razor blade and have a reduced risk of cuts.

Even then you still need to have the best electric shavers which you can easily find shaver reviews online.

For a smoother skin though, waxing works better. Depilatory or hair removal creams are also as good and more suitable for DIY from the comfort of your home. They are readily available over the counter at your neighborhood supermarkets and pharmacies, although you need to strictly stick to the instructions on application lest you end up with burns. It is advised that you test out the cream on a small area before applying to the entire surface of your legs. Waxing, an effective method of hair removal as it is, is usually painful and there is a danger of burning yourself especially if hot wax is involved and it is, therefore, better if you get it done by experienced professionals.

Facial hair

Women spot facial hair for various reasons; it may be genetics, steroid-based medication, hormonal changes. Sometimes hair appears on a woman’s chin or cheeks at the onset of menopause.

If it is an odd hair, plucking will work, but it is contraindicated for large areas as it will cause ingrown hairs and scars. Shaving is also not recommended since it only cuts the surface hair which will grow back in a few days.

For facial hair, it is better to seek long-term and permanent solutions such as laser hair removal and electrolysis. If laser treatment is too expensive for your budget, you can strip wax which allows you a good buffer before regrowth.


Waxing removes almost all the hair under your arms. Again, you need to have this done to you by a professional. Underarms are sensitive, and therefore you wouldn’t want to shave and cause an ingrown hair there. Instead, you can use hair removal creams or hot wax patches specifically made for your armpits.

Pubic area

Due to the sensitivity of the pubic area, you shouldn’t apply depilatory creams on your bikini line or shave your pubic hair. These will result in irritation and ingrown hairs. Laser treatment works best, but even waxing can last between one to two months.

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