Signs You’re Proud of Your Identity

Whether you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve or you like people to unpack you like a series of Russian dolls before finding your core values, your identity is the point at which you are interpreted and respected by others. Naturally, those with high self-esteem, a healthy level of confidence, and an assertiveness to get what they want are proud of this identity and use it in a way that mesmerizes and impresses others. Here are some sure-fire signs that you’re proud of yourself without vanity – a pure, healthy admiration for your identity.

You Place Importance on Values

A great deal of your identity rests on deeply-rooted values that you are having wittingly and unwittingly cultivated for the duration of your life. These include a sense of fairness and justice, compassion and empathy, logic and pragmatism, and even your fun, playful side. Being proud of who you are will entail an unswerving devotion to these core values, that you’re more than happy to share and even enforce amongst your peers.

You’re Not Afraid to Show Your Affiliations

Your identity is latched on to such things as your place of work, your hobbies, the charities you give to and the causes that you are more passionate about. Those with a strong and proud sense of self will have no trouble in revealing these sympathies and personal traits in badges, T-shirt slogans, and even personalized sew-on patches like those found at Opening this side of you up to public scrutiny shows just how powerful and comfortable you are in who you are.

You Have Strong Relationships

The best relationships are based on mutual love, respect, affection and even admiration. If you’ve made room to love yourself and invest in your core identity, then others will naturally have been drawn to it, and you’ll be far more perceptive in seeing the proud identities of others. Translating into the romantic realm, it can often be difficult for strong identities to compromise with partners, though once you find a way, you’ll have a rich romance based on robustly shared identities.

You’ll Take Me-Time

There is no relationship between being an extrovert and being proud of your identity. Though in public discourse being introverted is often equated with being weak, having the strength and self-will to take time to reflect on things on your own is a sure sign that you have a spirit in you that you can rely on without the support of others. This is a subtle but encouraging sign that you consider yourself to be a powerful personality with an identity to match, and often time spent alone is self-reflective in a way that is intended to improve yourself further.

If you display any or all of these signs of a proud identity, you’re likely confident in expressing yourself and happy to let the world drift by as you continue doing on your own thing. This fortitude and personal admiration will serve you well in life, getting you to place where your self-respect can really shine.

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