What Makes a Confident Woman?

A confident woman is a successful woman. A confident woman is a happy woman. A confident woman is the kind of woman who can take over the world – if she chooses to. The point is, being a confident woman can open all sorts of doors, and make life a lot more interesting. What is it that makes a confident woman?

They’re Not Perfect

Being a confident woman does not mean being perfect. It simply means that they embrace their flaws and either live with them without letting them be a concern, or they do something about them. They might learn how to speak well in public, they might contact plastic surgeons Honolulu for advice about how to look great, they might choose to go back to school and take a class that teaches them what they don’t know. Whatever their solution, a confident woman won’t mind admitting that they need a little help now and then.

They Know What No Means

A confident woman can say no. It’s something that everyone should learn how to do because, even if it seems uncomfortable to begin with, it can help make life happier and easier. Being able to say no means that these confident women don’t over-commit themselves, and therefore they are able to keep their promises. It also means their work/life balance remains in check.

They Are Themselves

A confident woman wears the clothes she wants to wear, listens to the music she wants to listen to, eats the food she enjoys eating, and all without being even the slightest bit concerned about what other people are thinking of her as she does it. These incredible women are not carbon copies of everyone else, and nor do they want to be. They are just themselves which, whenever possible (and it should always be possible) is the best thing to be.

They Listen

Listening to other people’s opinions is a good thing, and it’s something that confident woman are happy to do. Always doing what other people say is not such a good thing, and this is where confident women have the balance just right. They will listen, and then they will think about what has been said. They will use their own judgement, however, before plunging headlong into something. It makes for a much more enjoyable existence in the end.

They Are Supportive

A confident, self-assured woman can be supportive of friends, colleagues, and family members without feeling envious of their success. They are happy to cheer these people on, knowing that someone else’s triumph doesn’t make a difference to their own – there is room for everyone to be good at anything; it’s not a race. It’s not a battle. Being able to be there for others is a sure sign of a woman who is confident in her own skin and her own abilities.

They Love

A confident woman is not one who shies away from love and relationships because of past mistakes and ‘failures’. A confident woman is one who continues to be open to finding love, despite anything that many have happened in the past. They know that they are worth it, and they know that the right romantic partner is out there. There is no need to rush, and no need to despair.

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