How to Improve Your Flexibility

Tight hips, legs and shoulders can limit your fitness and performance. Limited flexibility can therefore result in injuries that can impact both your health and exercise routine. To ensure you can move with ease each day, read the following tips on how to improve your flexibility.

Start Pilates

People who experience limited flexibility should consider Pilates, as it focuses on stretching and moving the muscles you may not commonly use. The low impact exercise is also ideal for all ages, as it will not hurt your body’s joints in comparison to other exercises, such as high intensity aerobics, so consider joining a class or investing in the best Pilates DVD.

Light Stretching After a Workout

Once you have completed a workout, you should perform light stretches, which you should hold for a longer period to elongate tense muscles that will have tightened during a workout. In addition to focusing on the muscles used the most during a workout, aim to stretch your lats, chest and hip flexors, which can commonly tighten due to everyday posture. Stretching not only improves your flexibility, but it can also reduce back and hip pain, so you can enjoy a healthier and happier life.

Enjoy a Massage

A massage can loosen and break up any knots in your muscles and tissues, which would otherwise restrict movement in your body. It is therefore beneficial to enjoy a relaxing massage to reduce muscle tightness and increase flexibility. You can also decrease tightness by foam rolling your quads, calves, upper back, and lats.

Decrease Stress

Are you aware that stress can cause your body to tighten up, which can result in a build-up of knots in your body that can inhibit movement. It is therefore vital to decrease stress from your daily life to enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle and experience greater flexibility. You must therefore take time to relax, unwind and have a little fun.

Remain Hydrated

Your body’s muscle composition is primarily formed of water. Proper hydration is therefore essential for your body to work optimally. Unfortunately, many people are unwittingly walking around dehydrated, despite the fact it is easily avoided. It is imperative to focus on consuming plenty of water throughout the day, especially following intense or long exercise sessions. Not only will it promote flexibility, but it can prevent serious health issues, too.

Learn to Breathe Correctly

Many people do not know how to breathe correctly, which can result in a tense and stressed posture. Improve your health and range of motion by learning how to breathe properly. For example, you should focus on engaging the diaphragm by breathing from your belly, which means your belly must move in and out with every breath you take. Take five minutes out of your day to practice your breathing technique to improve your posture, stress levels and flexibility. You’ll be glad you did.

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