5 New Female Designers to Look for this Fashion Week

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The cutthroat competition in the fashion industry pushes new designers to be creative and innovative. Every designer dreams of getting support from the largest retailers in the world. It is almost impossible to beat legendary designers and leave a mark in the industry without support from them. In addition to attracting the attention of retailers, designers dream of participating in the major fashion weeks such as London fashion week.

Fashion weeks are a great opportunity for new designers to display their unique designs. Retailers are always looking forward to the next big thing in fashion in these shows. Here are some of the emerging female designers that every designer and retailer should look out for this fashion week.

1. Aurora James

Aurora James is the great mind behind Brother Vellies accessories, which is an accessory line with an African theme. The designer has created a competitive brand using natural materials, which tell of her commitment to conserving the environment. Her aims are reintroducing classic footwear designs and empowering local communities. Aurora works with local artisans from different African countries. She started her shoe line with flats but has recently expanded to include high heels. Aurora has managed to bridge the gap between local African artisans and high-end fashion in the west.

2. Daniela Villegas

Mother Nature is an inspiration to many top designers. Daniela Villegas sees what other designers do not see or consider important in the natural environment. Daniela’s unique designs and source of inspiration make her one of the emerging designers to watch at London fashion week. Her jewellery line is inspired by creeping insects including spiders and centipedes. Each design is symbolic and has a unique story behind it. Some celebrities have even worn her jewellery to red carpet events.

3. Yasuko Furuta

Yasuko is popular for her Toga clothing label, which was officially launched in 1997. The designer combines ideas from western and traditional Japanese silhouettes to create unique designs. The 2001 Tokyo fashion week was her first major show after the brand was launched. Toga has gained popularity over the years as the designer introduces new concepts every season.

4. Mira Mikati

Mira stands out from other designers because of her ability to combine fun with brilliant designs. The designer believes fashion is fun and exciting. She launched her brand in 2015, which balances fun with elegance. One unique aspect of her clothing and accessories is a combination of unique fabrics with bright colours. Mira gets her inspiration from the art world, which is evident from her happy collections.

5. Ashley Williams

Ashley is a young London-based designer whose designs have gained popularity across the world within a short period. She released her first collection in 2013, which was featured in Fashion East. Her participation in the Swarovski Collective project gave her an international audience, especially from leading retailers. Ashley’s collection includes knits, sparkly jewellery, high fashion handbags, and graphic women’s prints.

Designers are known for introducing new collections in major fashion shows. It will be interesting to see what these upcoming female designers will bring to London fashion week. Each has a unique source of inspiration and interpretation of fashion.


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