Caring for a Child as a Single Mom on a Budget



Being a single parent is hard, male or female. The concept of raising a child on your own can be daunting and difficult, with trials and tribulations that most cannot even begin to comprehend. Doing this on a restricted budget can be even more difficult as relying on the little money you earn is scary in itself. But there are ways in which you can give your child that positive stat in life we all want to give our children; here are a few tips on what you can do when attempting to raise a child on your own whilst living within your means.

Be Prepared to Ask for Help

It may prove difficult to ask for help, to some it may seem like an admission of defeat or that you’re a struggling to cope but is essential you take whatever support is available to you. Asking for help with childcare, a lift to an appointment or simply some advice, you may find options that can help make your life easier. There are people in your support system such as parents or friends. One such example of this has been the change in maternity leave, which now allows grandparents to take maternity leave in the case of single mothers.

Cook Yourself

This may seem like a trivial idea, it is easier to buy a meal you can throw in the microwave and serve that up for dinner. This is not the case though as not only are microwave meals less nutritious and lack the vitamins and nutrients your child needs but they are also more expensive than cooking yourself. By cooking a homemade meal with multiple portions you will be able to have more than one meal often at a cost less than it would have been to buy the same amount of pre-prepared food.

Free Activities

One of the most trying things when raising a child on your own is finding the money to pay for them to engage in activities which will allow them to socialize with their peers in a fun environment. There are costs attached to a whole array of activities which you may not expect, but in the community there are often lots of activities aimed at helping you and your child at low costs. People donate their time and often their own resources to help you out so your child can have all the opportunities to get out of the house, so use them.

Shop Around

With the growth of the internet, it has become much easier to shop around and find things at more reasonable prices than they may be at the shops. Your child will grow and want new things, the issue is finding what they want and need at reasonable prices. One such way is looking for discounts online, such as a Bed Bath and Beyond promo code which will get you some money off products online.

Raising a child on your own is difficult and to deny that would be silly. But with these simple tips you can raise your child in a positive way, without having to break the bank!


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