Dr. Wayne Dyer, in memory of passing on Aug 30

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dyer_photoWayne Dyer passed away Aug 30th.

It seemed like a random day and a tragic loss for so many of us. But as we were preparing his obituary and information for the press release about his passing we were going through I Can See Clearly Now, his memoir for information to share about his life: we noticed that August 30th was in fact a very important date in Wayne’s life.

August 30, 1974 was, in fact, what Wayne considered the most important day of his life. It was the day that Wayne went to the grave site for the father he never met in Biloxi, Mississippi.

After going to his father’s grave, he wrote Your Erroneous Zones in 14 days, and his life changed forever.

So Wayne passed away exactly 41 years after the most important day of his life.

We have a film that we produced with Wayne at Hay House about this time in his life called, My Greatest Teacher, which shows the amazing events that took place in order for Wayne to even get to his father’s grave and how it changed him forever.

We are offering this film for free to all of you to watch until September 15th. Please click the link below and please share with anyone you think would like to watch this film, or benefit from its message of forgiveness.

I want to also say thank you to every one of you, from myself and the Dyer family, for all of your incredible support and all of the wonderful comments I have read on social media.

My goal, and the goal of the Dyer family, is to keep Wayne’s books, audio recordings and movies out in the world for people to benefit from for generations to come and to keep his amazing contribution to so many remembered forever.

My Best,
Reid Tracy

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P.S. – All of Wayne’s Hay House eBooks are only $1.99 everywhere you buy your eBooks. My feeling is the best way to keep Wayne’s legacy alive is to share one of his amazing life changing books with a friend or re-read one yourself.

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