Emma Watson celebrates HeForShe success with Call to Action

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Emma Watson just announced a new phase of #HeForShe, calling on new allies in support of gender equality. WATCH the full speech from Davos now.

I am a Pakistani, Living in Pakistan. As you all know, Pakistan has one of the highest crime rate in the world. Over here, Patriarchal system, and Harassment against women is “Proudly” practiced.

Men are killing Women on the name of Islam. So you should know that in Pakistan, it is VERY difficult to change the society since Sexism practice is significantly supported by the international Terrorist, Taliban, and some Conservative Parties and movements such as Tablighi Jammat and Jammat-e-Islamiya.

Luckily, I was brought up somewhere else and in a good and well-educated society that I understand the rights of women. I’m also still a kid. But no matter how extreme the society is, How young I am, I Promise you that I’m trying my best to work on women’s right and am trying to make a Change.

I already have created blogs, a Facebook Page and lent money to a men who was in need of money for his daughter’s education. #HeForShe

Based on my own principles, I interpret HeForShe as being automatically SheForHe as well. True equality means women supporting men as well, although it is of course a fact that women are the bigger victims of sexism. Keep going!

Doing my part. Developing new mobile website for girls. gyrlz.net

And Azkaban for you after your senseless murders:

Brilliant speech!

Now it’s time to ACT after claiming our support to #heforshe



Celebrating and very honored to announce that at 6 PM, our ‘Evening Celebration Welcome Address’ will be presented by the esteemed UN Women National Committee Canada President: Ms. Almas Jiwani [www.unwomencanada.org/]

Corporate Tables Now Available – Take Action!

Social Media Event Page HERE.

“Empowerment is about the strength, resilience and determination of women to unleash the power within and to inspire others to do the same. The women’s empowerment movement is a collective action that begins with the power of one.” – Almas Jiwani

HeForShe900For too long, gender inequality has been defined as a women’s issue and thus one that must be advocated and resolved by women. This myth ends today.

The status and wellbeing of women can be improved by ensuring their full, equal and effective participation in decision – making at all levels of domestic, political, economic and social life. This approach not only promotes, but also protects women’s human rights while allowing society to benefit from the diverse expertise, talents and capabilities of all its members.

Gender equality is not only a human rights issue, but is also an essential component of sustainable development, social justice, peace, and security around the world. Gender inequality affects us all, from limiting economic growth and political diversity to perpetuating the marginalization of women in society.

heforshe-704x400UN Women National Committee Canada is pleased to participate in the #HeForShe campaign, and we look forward to empowering men and boys in Canada to help raise awareness about gender inequality and take a stand for strong, sustainable solutions both at home and internationally.

We have exciting activities, projects and events coming up over the next year, and we are exciting to bring #HeForShe from coast to coast in Canada, with special announcements on March 8, 2015 in Toronto at the International Women’s Day Summit 2015! (RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY HERE)

Remember that one voice, one action, and one person can make a difference. Join the #HeForShe movement today, and become part of the solution for a fairer and more equal world for all!

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