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motherearthIn the Hetakas’ tradition they describe many things in their lives as a circle. When looking at themselves as individuals, their lives, family, their village, even their whole culture they symbolize them as a circle with the feminine at the center.

When Kay went through a long apprenticeship with Chea about Women’s Medicine, Chea guided her to see that the main reason our society, is so far out of balance is because in our modern world men have not only thrown the women out of the center of the circle, they have plopped themselves into that place as if on a thrown and left women without a place within the circle at all.

From a big picture perspective, as in our core purpose of existence over millennia, everything is perfect. Everything. We are where we are because we wanted to be here, as a species we wanted to experience what it is like to be here. We really wanted to know.

That being said, the next aim of our desire for experience as humans on this planet together with everyone here is to wake up.

More and more of us have aimed ourselves, as a species, towards waking up and living awake, towards creating a world of waking up and being awake.

The spirits have been talking about this for some time.

Womens-Medicine-9-300x298At the heart of waking up, at the heart of living awake, is knowing your Song, knowing your truth.

That hasn’t changed through the ages, we’ve just forgotten about it, or were coerced into forgetting about it.

Knowing self, knowing your Song and living it is still and will always be the inalienable truth to succeeding at living a life awake.

If we want to bring the world back into balance, which is part of where we are headed in this human experiment experience, we need to seriously consider what it means to have women at the center, to have women’s medicine as the carrier and holder of balance, to have the feminine guide every area of our lives, our individual lives, our relationships, our family circles, our communities, towns, countries, all of humanity.

I’m not saying everyone needs to change to live the Hetakas’ model of a culture in balance.

What I am saying is that if we are to heal ourselves, if we are to heal our relationships, our intimate partnerships, our connection with the entire human circle and our relationships with all life, we better seriously and earnestly consider what the concept of having women at the center, of bringing the feminine back into the center truly means and how it can apply to ourselves, our lives, our family and community circles, our societies and cultures.

We need to learn what that would look like for us.

We have received several requests for Kay to share more about this concept of everything being a circle and women, the feminine, being at the center with men, the masculine, defining the perimeter. So we decided to offer a one day seminar on Women’s Medicine.

Kay learned from Chea how those things play out within the Hetakas’ tribe through a long and oftentimes challenging apprenticeship about women’s medicine.

She shared the essence of that experience in chapter 8 of Sacred Link – Power Of The Forbidden Fruit.

Leading up to the day long seminar we will share excerpts from that chapter.

Make sure you are on our mailing list so that you will receive those excerpts and get all the details about the one day seminar.

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Women’s Medicine Updates

Kay is very excited to share those gifts of the Hetakas’ way of life about Women’s Medicine, about everything being a circle and women being at the center of that circle.

We both are.

Stay tuned for more details and updates.

Song to Song,

Helmut & Kay

PS: If you are a guy reading this and are wondering if there is anything in these teachings about Women’s Medicine for you, you better believe it. If men don’t have a clue of what it means for women to be at the center and what it means for men to define the perimeter, restoring life back into balance will be even more of a challenge. So for the man reading this, take note and make sure you can follow the updates and join the seminar.

Your peace within yourself, within your relationships, within your family and community circle may very well depend on having this knowledge.

PPS: Here is the link to Women’s Medicine Part 2


kaywingljpgKay Cordell Whitaker has studied, researched and practiced a number of ancient Healing Traditions from around the world. She primarily relies on the Healing Traditions she was taught by her Peruvian Grandparents Domano and Chea Hetaka from the Katasee Tradition as well as ancient Healing Traditions from the ancient Egyptian mystery teachings of the temples of Isis and Osiris.

In addition Kay also draws from her extensive Radionics Energy Healing Research work with the Red Door Radionics Instrument.

“A disease inside a body does not really enjoy being there: it’s out of place, a stranger in a strange land. It’s usually very willing to leave. But, if you try to force it out without any consideration for it or its purpose for being there—the message that it has to deliver—it fights back, because its job isn’t done.” — Kay Cordell Whitaker

For more information about Kay’s Energy Healing work and how to arrange a private Energy Healing session, please go to the Traditional Energy Healing.

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