POST 2015 WOMAN: “MENTAL HEALTH … is an Inside Job!”



POST 2015 WOMAN: “MENTAL HEALTH … is an Inside Job!”



Enjoy a Full Day of Exhibition, Speakers, Workshops hosting mental health experts, live entertainment; and celebrating Hincks Dellcrest, CEO Donna Duncan as Evening Opening Keynote!




We are excited to announce that on MARCH 8, 2015 INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY SUMMIT 2015 will be held at the Montecassino Hotel & Event Venue, 3710 Chesswood Drive, Toronto, ON Canada M3J 2W4 — THEME: The POST 2015 WOMAN: “Mental Health is an Inside Job!”

This Summit is designed to be a Celebration that a global Healing has Begun in our world for all, that gender is no longer the ‘issue’, that each individual on this planet, both male and female, hold a responsibility to achieve levels of ‘caring, compassion and courage’ to rise above the past, to respect a gender-less society.

Mental Illness is a condition that has many causes, courses and consequences. Proper diagnosis is key to management and women leaders today are Taking Action to be the integral trail blazers in the healing processes with themselves, so to address every possibility of achieving solution.

In a world that has spent the last five years focused on Violence Against Women, the awareness of the damage is clear, and now the time of healing is here.

The Time to Take Action is NOW!




Morning Keynote Description 10:15 am -10:40 am

Ontological Coach & Spiritual Counselor

Begin program Description

jenna smith linked inJenna teaches us how to utilize Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit in a tangible way enabling us to achieve sustainable results in well-being. Our society lost sight of what conditions lead to thriving human beings. But, luckily we can reclaim our ability to create a safe and resourceful reality in the face of any outside conditions.

We can reclaim our creative ability to choose rather than react to life.

She walks her talk, coming from a background of chronic pain and sleep disorders from age 15-25, an emotionally abusive brother causing debilitating shame from age age 9, a Bipolar father who eventually committed suicide violently in 2011, PTSD from an F3 Tornado, and her own day to day battles with feeling “not ok”, with a few doses of the “not good enoughs”. She has found remarkable results in the work she now shares with individuals and groups.

To Jenna mental health isn’t an option, it is a necessity. We can’t keep this gargantuan lie up any longer. The lie that we shouldn’t air our dirty laundry, or let others knows what is going on in our inner reality. The cost is simply too high. With anxiety disorders, depression and suicide on the rise, we can’t keep up what is no longer working; lying about what’s real. Without sharing our truth, we can’t have mental health.

While working with hundreds of clients, she noticed that everyone she worked with, no matter their experiences- from depression to anxiety to low self-esteem, to bipolar and addictions and even suicidal thoughts, all simply needed to re-learn being human.

Being human includes: How to feel feelings and use their energy, how to manage and apply thoughts, how to navigate our creative abilities of our subconscious mind, how to listen to the symptoms of our physical body, and how to connect with life and others, and how to tune-in to our being abilities where peace exists.

Her talk will reveal her 3-step process, which she has spent the last 16 years developing, taking the listener on a journey from feeling broken to knowing wholeness. You will also receive a Gift e-book called “Anatomy of Being”.

There is a recipe to regaining wellness!! Find out in this compelling, fact filled and highly resourceful talk. Come to Jenna’s booth for more free tools and to ask your own burning questions.

Jenna Smith is a self-discovery and relationship expert. She has trained in Spiritual Psychotherapy at the Transformational Arts College and Integrated Psychotherapy at Lifespace. She is a certified Ontological Coach, Reiki Master and Holistic Fitness Trainer. She has also studied Oneness, Shamanism, and Intuitive healing work with mentors from Peru, India, Africa, Ireland and North America.

Jenna teaches us to remember we are both human and being. By integrating our being, we can make more creative choices in the face of stress and challenge. We don’t need more books, seminars, or workshops to “fix” ourselves, because we aren’t broken.

It’s time to remember our inborn awesomeness.


Jenna is an in-demand transformational coach, international speaker, facilitator, and author.  She is the author of the upcoming book “You are the Manual, Life is the Teacher.” And a featured author in the book “Building on Greatness: The Courage to Thrive.” With 16 years of experience Jenna is a one-stop shop for results.

Jenna assists clients one on one, as partners, at events, or group teleseminars online.  She can be reached at


Melissa Maher – Shares Her Story: 50 Pounds of Breakthrough!

melissa maherMelissa Maher is a Breakthrough Specialist in Human Potential empowering women to raise their self-esteem, live a balanced life, and unleash their true potential.

Growing up Melissa struggled with her weight, which resulted in her having virtually no self-esteem. In 2011 she embarked on a journey to take back control of her life.

Enough was finally enough!!!!

Today, Melissa is helping women across the nation do the same thing. She will sharing with you one of the four key pillars of transformation, and how following a simple system can create lasting change in your life, and those around you.


Marnee Buckles – BEHAVIOUR STRATS 11:10 – 11:25 AM

MarneebucklesMarnee Buckles, the Behaviour Interventionist, has worked for over 30 years in education, and is trained in instructing Crisis Prevention Intervention. She has delivered workshops to staff and developed behaviour programs for York Region District School Board as a Behaviour Specialist.

With an undergraduate degree in Health Education and administrative qualifications, she has accumulated certifications in other behaviour methods such as Choice Theory by Dr. William Glasser. The work of other behaviour specialists such as Dr Ross Greene and Barbara Colorosa are incorporated in to this work from extensive study and training.

Marnee has taught adolescents who were incarcerated, behaviour classes, and worked in both the elementary and secondary panels as a Special Education Specialist. She recently returned from teaching on a Native Reserve as a Behaviour Specialist/Administrator. From this field of experience and training, she can deliver behaviour strategies suited to your specific needs.

Behaviour Strats is a company that offers consultations for parents, caregivers, and educators who need assistance working with children demonstrating difficult behaviours. A Behaviour Interventionist will work with parents and caregivers, utilizing input from educational and medical staff where appropriate. Strategies are then developed and implemented for specific behaviours.


Jacinth Tracey, PhD
Success Coach, Corporate Trainer, Best-Selling Author
Talk title is “From Stressed To Success”

MORNING WORKSHOP: 11:30 am – 12:00 pm. Facilitated by the amazing Jacinth Tracey

I’m Jacinth Tracey (BSc, BA, MA, PhD) Founder and CEO of Wired2Succeed. More than just a “life coach”, I’m a life transformation coach and mindset mentor with over 25 years of proven success in transforming hundreds of lives across various socio-economic, cultural and demographic backgrounds.

“Imagine Having The Know-How And Support To Transform Yourself!

jacinth tealWhat’s holding you back from achieving personal, financial and professional success? If you’re like most people, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and emotional baggage is keeping you from seeing yourself or your world clearly. Whenever we let our negative emotions (stress, distress, anger, fear, regret, etc.) get the best of us, we find ourselves stuck, broke and powerless.

Did you know that being exposed to circumstances and people that make us feel “stressed out” over a long period of time has a direct impact on our mental, physical and financial health? And did you also know that when we allow the things that cause us stress to affect our feelings and emotions that we end up subconsciously self-sabotaging ourselves out of our best life?

Our stress reactions can help us, or they can erode our ability to control and have power over our life. We can’t always change the circumstances or people in our life, but we can certainly take control of ourselves.

Imagine being in control the way you think, feel and behave when you encounter difficult circumstances and people rather than letting your thoughts and emotions control you. What would it feel like to be in control of your everyday life and make substantial gains in your relationships, finances and career?

Just because I have a PhD mental health did not keep me from experiencing negative emotions that threatened to derail my success plans. It was only when I made a conscious effort to make significant changes in my emotional well-being and used proven tools to accelerate my transformation that things quickly fell into place. I went from being “stressed to success” in no time.

As an executive success coach for high-achieving women, corporate leadership skills trainer, sought-after speaker and international-bestselling author for over 20 years, I’ve successful used my Wired2Succeed transformation systems to help thousands of motivated men and women create a life of their own design rather than letting life just “happen” to them.

When we take control of our destiny rather than living a life of default, we’re happier, more confident, less stressed and achieve more success than we could ever have imagined.

My aim is to empower all women to achieve their highest potential by overcoming structural and emotional barriers to their success. An empowered woman enriches her own life, the lives of the people she cares about, and is a true gift to the world.

Imagine Going From Living Your Life By Default to Living A Life That YOU Design!”

You need help to make this happen. You need someone who has walked in your shoes — someone who knows exactly what you’re feeling and who has successfully transformed herself and helped hundreds of others to overcome fear barriers and other obstacles to their success.

I’m also a #1 best-selling author (Dump Your Fear!), media expert, internationally-recognized speaker and corporate success coach.

I have the formal training, the years experience, the proven results, and a guaranteed system that will transform your life. You will discover how to overcome fears and emotional baggage, reduce your stress and develop lasting self-esteem, motivation, confidence, control and personal power.

You will finally begin to live a life that enriches not only you, but all those who you love and share your life with.




“The Invitation” was written using an exercise offered at a writing workshop by David Whyte, based on his poem “Self Portrait.”

Oriah is the author of the inspirational prose-poem and international best-selling books, “The Invitation” (now translated into over fifteen languages);” The Dance”; “The Call”; and “What We Ache For” (all published by HarperONE, San Francisco.) Her writing explores how to follow the thread of our deepest heart’s longing into a life of meaning and purpose and creative work.

Oriah has shared her insights and stories with audiences throughout the world at conferences and retreats and through radio and TV appearances (CBC, TVO, Oprah, NPR, PBS, Wisdom Network.)

Blending ruthless honesty, humour, insight and compassion for our human struggle, Oriah seeks to inspire and challenge herself and others to live life fully. In addition to sharing stories of both her personal life and her years of training in an inter-tribal tradition of shamanic medicine, Oriah draws upon her years as a facilitator of spiritual retreats, as a social worker assisting women and families in crisis and as a student of philosophy in seeking to understand how we can be all that we truly are.

Oriah mountain dreamer new imageWhile studying and participating in shamanic ceremonies, Oriah received the spiritual name “Mountain Dreamer” and was told that the name meant “one who likes to push the edge.”

Because she first shared the prose-poem “The Invitation” (in 1994) with those who had come to participate in ceremony with her, the poem and her subsequent books first appeared under the name Oriah Mountain Dreamer. This led to all kinds of interesting misunderstandings (Eg.- that she was an elderly or deceased Native American.)

Interviewers often began conversations with,”Now that’s not a real name, is it?” Oriah, while deeply honoring the spiritual tradition from which she had received her name, understood that in our modern culture such a name was bound to prompt reactions. She even admitted to sharing the prejudice of thinking that people using spiritual names like her own on a daily basis might be a little flaky! So she good naturedly explained when asked that Oriah Mountain Dreamer was a indeed a “real” name, although not her birth name.

In the spring of 2006 Oriah and her publisher, Harper San Francisco, decided to release the paperback editions of the books The Invitation, The Dance and The Call simply under the name Oriah. In doing so, they hope that the books will be made available to a wider audience that will receive something of value from Oriah’s insights, stories and meditations.

Oriah is the mother of two grown sons. She lives in Toronto, Canada.

Oriah is currently working on a novel and a non-fiction book about the challenges and rewards of living life as an embodied soul.

Oriah posts a weekly blog at The Green Bough found here.

She emails four newsletters a year. To go on her email list please contact her via her website.

You can also follow Oriah on Twitter at @OriahMtnDrm

Oriah will be opening our afternoon session at 1 pm with her quantum Spoken Word.


Deborah Kent: Keynote Speaker @ 1:30 PM sharing Her Story! and experience with


DEBBIE KENTDaughter, Mother, soon to be grandmother. Had served in the Canadian Forces for over 32 years and the last ten years was with the Special Forces. Proud to have served as a Supply Technician supporting units all over Canada and overseas throughout her career. Did a tour in Bosnia and taskings in Germany and Afghanistan and a few other interesting areas of the world. Due to her service she sustained both physical and mental injuries and was released 31 Dec 2011 because of them. Since that time Deborah has been working through the system and on her own on her healing journey.

She has completed a Graduate Certificate (Honours) in Performance Coaching with a focus on PTSD/OSI’s, Bicycled from Juno Beach to Vimy in France June 2014 in 7 days to raise awareness and funds for members with PTSD, educated herself on many different associations and modalities of treatment available for people who have this type of brain injury, gotten married, renovated a house, packed up two houses, bought another house and moved to another city to live with her husband (after being married for two years).

Deborah knows stress, how to bring it on, what it does to you and now most of the time how to deal with it. It has been a journey, not an easy one – sometimes a very painful one – but it is a journey that she feels very passionately needs to be shared. This so that others can understand how damaging stress is, that there is hope and there are tools we can use to empower ourselves so we do not wind up in the same dark valley she was and sometimes still goes in.

Deborah is here to let us know like the explorers of old “there be dragons this way” and some of the consequences of them along with some ideas on how to avoid them. Lessons learned from someone who has “Been there, done that.”


PANELISTS will be addressing a full spectrum of Treatment Modalities, in our afternoon session starting around 2:30 PM.

Please visit our PANELISTS below:
DR. REX KAY, Psychiatrist – Mount Sinai HospitalHERE

Victoria Lorient-Faibish – PsychotherapistHERE
Judy K Martene – Ascension TherapistHERE
Jenna Smith – Ontocologic TherapyistHERE
Claire Kerr-Zlobin – Post-Partum TherapyHERE
Sharon Purcell – Somatic TherapistHERE
Ameera Ameerullah – Social Worker
Dr. Manny Kumar, Chiropractor/CounselorHERE

MARCH 8 Modalities of Treatment PANEL with DOCTORS


Jill McPherson – Alternative Healing

Jill_0008In 2011, after her second hip replacement, Jill began a journey of consciously seeking ways of healing both her body and her mind. She began hosting alternative healing workshops which led to her hosting her own Spiritual talk show on RogersTV called Awakening Within.

In addition, Jill leads meditation classes and has recently created a class she calls Managing the Busy Mind.

She also has plans to start leading parent-child meditation classes in the near future. Jill is a Special Education and Music teacher with the Upper Grand District School Board.

She lives with her husband and 4 children on a farm just outside of Orangeville Ontario.


Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

yvonne-speakingVarious words have been used to describe me – passionate, inspirational, motivating, enthusiastic, professional, results driven, straight shooting– and the list goes on. I choose to describe myself as ‘ardent’. This aptly embodies most of the above; an ardent Change Consultant, John C. Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Author.

Yvonne is passionate about positive change.

I love working with people and organizations to identify solutions and determine the right course of actions that leads to great results. My wealth of global experience from working with a diverse group of clients, my management experience, and formal education in entrepreneurship and organizational change management has equipped me with the tools and experience to work hands-on with my clients beyond the ‘theoretical’.

…… Yvonne is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, Change Consultant & John Maxwell Leadership Coach who is passionate about working with Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Organisations to help them transition through change, drive results they desire and achieve their goals.

Through the power of mindset and other strategies, she has been able to lose over 80lbs, migrated to different countries and consistently be successful in her career, and is growing her business exponentially by changing her mindset.

In her latest book “The Change You Want! Change Your Mindset, and Change Life” Yvonne talks about how we can overcome what holds us back from seeing the type of results we want in our lives, and provides simple steps you can start applying immediately to take your outcomes from good to great!


New Consciousness approach for Mental Health – Afternoon Session

ekin dumanFlying in all the way from Turkey, Ekin Duman shares her expertise *New consciousness is a different consciousness from which the humanity knew and lived for ages, as it’s a new type of awareness that life can be much more easy.

We don’t need to any struggle for anything we want. We just need to make a conscious choice, stop trying and using our minds for our daily lives, hopes and dreams, allow the use of our intuition, expand our consciousness, imagination and awareness, allow the transformational changes, trust our spirit, becoming quantum and live in synchronicity).

There are many ways on Earth right now offering solutions for seeking mental balance for people themselves, their patients or loved ones.

“I will address causes and solutions (soul-issues) of mental disorders in my talk in Toronto, Canada on March 8, 2015, as we celebrate International Women’s Day through a collective offering of sharing, created and focused on the most important global ‘issue’ of our newest millennium: Mental Health”.

Most of them are well known for society and based on the science and medications, some of them are not well known and use other techniques and therapy methods like homeopatic, ‘art therapy’.

New Counciousness answers are so simple – so profoundly simple that it could help humans who choose to re-balance their minds on daily basis and in case of mental disorders. Actually, we all can have mental imbalances in some period of life at variable degrees more or less. There are many types of mental disorders, some of them are fear based, such as anxiety, panic attacks. There is also depression, much common sort of mental imbalance which is caused from the lack of joy of life.

The depression’s message is “You are not in the right place in life now, you should make instant changes.”

Michael Ballard specializes in developing and delivering programs that help people and organizations understand, assess and deepen their capacity to thrive through developing their resiliency. These are essential assets for the success of individuals, families, organizations and our community.

MICHAEL BALLARDHis broad and varied experience includes coaching and training across North America and the Singapore Government.

Clients have included Rotary Club of Scarborough, and Centennial College, IBM Canada, Bell Canada, Shouters Church, Ontario Hydro, Council for the Status of Women, and Alberta Literacy. Michael’s lessons in resiliency came about during his 7 year battle with two bouts of cancer and his upbeat very successful career where he moved up through 5 positions in his first seven years.

It is not every day you meet a entrepreneur who decided to start a business while he is in the midst of fighting a life threatening illness. Yet that’s exactly when Michael knew he had to start his company that would become Resiliency for Life.

MHB imagesMichael’s upbeat message is about taking responsibility for where we’re at in our life. When we chose to live resiliently it can make a very powerful, and positive impact on our relationships, education, career success, health and happiness.

With a focus on helping individuals and organizations learn how to over come life’s obstacles and challenges it has allowed Michael to be a part of some very interesting challenges. He’s worked with an international technology firm where he developed a video based learning series on having a Resilient Career for 10,000 staff, developed a program to help parents and teachers help children learn how to manage their behaviour and developed a program to assist First Responders gain key skills to better cope with the pressures of their profession.


5:00 PM – 6:00 PM ONE HOUR CHANGE BREAK – with Special Hospitality Rooms for our Guests – VENDOR SHIFT



Esteemed Speakers, Gala Dinner, Live Entertainment – Evening Session

“Empowerment is about the strength, resilience and determination of women to unleash the power within and to inspire others to do the same. The women’s empowerment movement is a collective action that begins with the power of one.” – Almas Jiwani sends her blessings and this message to this very special evening, and all women globally.

Almas2014For too long, gender inequality has been defined as a women’s issue and thus one that must be advocated and resolved by women.

This myth ends today.

The status and wellbeing of women can be improved by ensuring their full, equal and effective participation in decision – making at all levels of domestic, political, economic and social life. This approach not only promotes, but also protects women’s human rights while allowing society to benefit from the diverse expertise, talents and capabilities of all its members.

Gender equality is not only a human rights issue, but is also an essential component of sustainable development, social justice, peace, and security around the world. Gender inequality affects us all, from limiting economic growth and political diversity to perpetuating the marginalization of women in society.

heforshe-704x400UN Women National Committee Canada is pleased to participate in the HeForShe campaign, and we look forward to empowering men and boys in Canada to help raise awareness about gender inequality and take a stand for strong, sustainable solutions both at home and internationally. We have exciting activities, projects and events coming up over the next year, and we are exciting to bring HeForShe from coast to coast!

Remember that one voice, one action, and one person can make a difference. Join the HeForShe movement today, and become part of the solution for a fairer and more equal world for all! PRESS RELEASE HERE


hdc-twitAs the POST 2015 WOMAN, we must LEAD our World into a new paradigm of abundance, recognizing that awareness of condition and creating sustainable positive change happens from the inside out, through the PURE energy of unconditional LOVE.

We are excited to announce that Mental Health Expert, Donna Duncan, President & CEO of Hincks Dellcrest is on board as our esteemed Keynote Evening Speaker, sharing critical information about today’s mental health issues being faced by society today.

Hinck’s Dellcrest is a children’s mental health treatment, research and education centre serving the Greater Toronto Area, and a community affiliate of the University of Toronto’s faculties of medicine and social work.

Donna-DuncanPrior to joining Hincks-Dellcrest, Donna spent more than 20 years working with municipal, provincial, federal and international governments and within the broader public sector. She provided strategic government relations and constituency management advice to senior government officials, hospital CEOs, university presidents and deans, and college presidents. She has helped leaders achieve meaningful outcomes by helping them to develop strategic, sustainable relationships across their organizations and with government representatives, and by supporting them through decision-making cycles and processes.

Donna has a particular interest in the interconnections among public policy, research, education and the delivery of mental health care, and is a strong proponent of collaborative models of service delivery.

Donna is also recognized for her extensive background in governance, parliamentary procedure and process. She has worked with the governing boards of provincially-funded organizations and government agencies in developing and supporting governance and accountability frameworks. She currently sits as a member of the Seneca College Board of Directors.

Donna has a B.A. (Hons) from Trinity College, University of Toronto and an M.A. from Wilfrid Laurier University.


Excited to announce Oriah Mirza flying in from Malibu, California, USA to Share Her Story! MEET Oriah HERE.

MARCH 8 … a day of IMPACT for all Humanity while celebrating ‪#‎IWD2015‬ through the collective efforts of all the women leaders Taking Action, leading the charge is the creation of awareness to removing the stigma of Mental Health issues.

Speaker Oriah Mirza Official headshotOriah’s Story is no more traumatic or less traumatic than the average North American woman.

No matter the education, or the culture, the upbringing…violence is violence.

Whether it is behind the doors of your own home, or in the streets with a perpetrator, many women are targets. After years of battling early pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, every form of abuse, her self worth was gone.

Diagnosed with PTSD so many times, she stopped counting, medication did not work, she felt herself slipping emotionally and mentally. She felt she was going crazy. By the time she was 33 she had 5 children and lived in over 30 cities. She was on her 4th husband…and she knew that her lifestyle was going to kill her, her body was shutting down.

Carol Schulte

green sweater horizontalCarol’s big dream was to perform her way right onto Broadway. Unfortunately, however, life had other plans. Right after graduating from Theatre School, her Mum got sick, and when she eventually moved back hone to look after her, she felt real purpose for the first time in her life.

Although we can’t always control what happens to us, we can choose how we show up, who we want to be, and what we’re going to do about it.” Listen to Carol’s amazing story of Living Big After Losing Big and her journey from HIV+ orphanages in Thailand to Ashrams in India, and from dreadlocks to shaved heads, as she went on a mad search to find out what living BIG really means.

A speaker, leading communication trainer and certified coach, Carol is on a mission to empower people to live BIG lives (how many folks can say they’ve lived in an Ashram, shaved their head, or bungee jumped naked?) no matter what life throws at them. She holds a BFA in Theatre Performance and an MA in Communication, and believes your voice and story have the power to inspire action and instigate change.

Despite best laid plans, we have to be open to the ‘plot twists’ in life. In life, we are all too easily
distracted, dis-illusioned, drugged, or derailed.”

Carol is the creator of ‘Spark your G.E.N.I.U.S.™’ ~ a program she created for fabulous women to step into their true brilliance and take ACTION. She has led workshops internationally, and has lived, worked and/or volunteered in Thailand, India, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, US, Germany and the UK, and brings a unique and global perspective to all she does. Passionate about many things, Carol is also a volunteer bereavement facilitator, marathon runner, and yoga instructor.


SOPHIA ZOESophia Zoe, Energy Therapist: Sophia Zoe believes in the glorious potential of every woman – each born blessed with talents and the capacity to thrive. As an Energy Therapist, Sophia addresses energetic imbalances within the body. She also deletes negative programming in the sub-conscious mind that keep one stuck and afraid.

By clearing trauma and stress, the client then has the clearance to move forward in her life, making wise decisions with clarity and ease. After a series of sessions, the most common phrase clients say is “I didn’t know I could be so happy!”

Besides using leading-edge energy healing techniques, Sophia passionately shares her favourite short-cut to quick results: the use of therapeutic essential oils. In her quest to find the purest, most effective essential oils in the world, Sophia spent thousands of dollars and many years experimenting with over forty brands of oils. Happily, there is a company whose product standards and business integrity continually impress and surpass Sophia’s expectations. This company is Young Living Essential Oils. These oils very often have an immediate effect, and you are welcome to visit Sophia’s exhibitor display to try them yourself.

By combining energy healing with essential oils, Sophia’s clients quickly and gently transcend their former selves and come into their wiser and empowered selves. This improves health on all levels – for the client and her family. Mental and emotional stability creates personal peace, which has a ripple effect in the community.

Self-care is therefore imperative for peace and love to spread.

Sophia Zoe is a popular guest speaker on international summits on health and healing. Recent appearances include Radiantly You, The Epic Love Show, You Are All That! and Awakening With Lightworkers. Television, webTV and radio appearances include Rogers Cable, That and CIUTfm.

Sophia believes anyone can be an effective healer. You can take her classes on Essential Oils, Muscle Testing, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Therapeutic Touch. Sophia currently sees Toronto clients at her Danforth Ave. office and international clients have sessions by telephone, SKYPE or by proxy.

Sophia Zoe herself says: “Here’s what worked for me and many others: Energy Healing.”


WE are elated to announce that our 10 PM Show, Lynette Louise, a Canadian gal now living in the USA, is flying in from Simi Valley, California … to share her wisdom of neurofeedback and using humor, she expands the arena of mental health issues.

lynette-pixLYNETTE LOUISE: Doubly Board Certified in Neurofeedback, working on her PhD in Psychology, with a specialty in Psychophysiology, at Saybrook University.

Lynette Louise holds two board certifications in Neurofeedback and is working on her PhD in Clinical Psychophysiology. Most notably though, she is a mom extraordinaire! Without question her greatest pride is having raised eight children, (six adopted, five disabled, four on the autism spectrum).

At present, only one of her sons retains his label and remains dependent. Born in Canada, Lynette Louise moved to America in 1995 and likes to refer to herself as a “CAmerican”.

She is an expert in Autism, and on how to incorporate neurofeedback, combined with play, as the main therapy approach for the autistic child. Lynette travels internationally as a practitioner, as well as a performer and speaker on the subjects of mental health and the brain.

Her one woman musical comedy show CRAZY TO SANE teaches with laughter, candor and toe tapping tunes. The show—and the CD– are a collage of her life as the daughter of abuse, the mother of autism, and a student turned teacher of mental health. With artistic splendor she weaves the lessons of a lifetime, comedy, and brain science into this entertaining and emotional show.

In the interest of sharing her knowledge widely she has also authored three books.

The-WingMaker-by-Lynette-Louise-2Her latest is The WingMaker, a rhyming picture book based on a beautiful true story.

And again, Lynette finds a way to share important and actionable information with candor and humor.

As the host of the popular podcast A NEW SPIN ON AUTISM: ANSWERS!, Lynette invites knowledgeable and surprising guests, and together they explore topics (ranging from neuroscience to stand-up comedy) with fun and fascination until discovering useful autism answers, while on her radio show THE BRAIN BROAD BUILDS A BRAIN, Lynette expands her reach by exploring the much wider world of mental health with her guests. Her latest project, an international reality series called FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE aka THE BRAIN BROAD offers help to families with fun, kindness, and concrete answers for a myriad of brain disorders and is now airing on The Autism Channel.

In a nutshell, Lynette Louise is a passionate and tireless sharer of life’s actionable answers!

CelebrationofWomenphotolaura2As far as being a “jazz performer”, Laura Thompson is not defined by one genre of music, but many; including R&B, pop, and jazz. As both a talented piano player and vocalist, Laura started out performing publicly during her university years, performing at restaurants, private parties, charity fundraisers and coffee houses.

Having gained experience both as a solo performer and as a band leader, Laura shows no signs of slowing down with her wide variety of repertoire that is sure to please any audience.

Now having finished her degree at York University for Jazz Piano, Laura finds herself full of inspiration, talent, and ready to share her musical experiences with anyone who wants to listen. After studying with some of Toronto’s most prestigious players such as Mark Eisenman, Kelly Jefferson, Mike Murley, Steve Koven, and Casey Sokol, Laura is ready to expand and to share her passion for musical performance.

Laura started out performing publicly during her university years, performing at restaurants, private parties, charity fundraisers and coffee houses. Having gained experience both as a solo performer and as a bandleader, Laura shows no signs of slowing down with her wide variety of repertoire that is sure to please any audience.

NVPITV-Logo-New2Celebrated MEDIA FILM CREW – Passion and an unrelenting commitment to excellence is the track that guides NVP to creates content and build engaging assets that entertain, inform, and inspire audiences through television and IPTV platforms.

NVP develops digital media for Canada’s entrepreneurs and specialize in marketing videos, IPTV and Television productions. Assets are delivered in collaboration with our broadcast partners across the globe. Visit to learn more.

Network Video Productions
Diversity in Television and Video Productions
Documenting the community for our broadcast partners.




MARCH 8 … a day of IMPACT for all Humanity while celebrating #IWD2015 through the collective efforts of all the women leaders Taking Action, leading the charge is the creation of awareness to removing the Stigma of Mental Health issues.


march 8 mini sponsors jpeg

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hotel-lobbyAt Montecassino Hotel and Event Venue, experience a great night’s sleep in a welcoming guest room on a comfy bed. All 104 rooms are tastefully decorated, and come equipped with colour TV’s, free local calls, complimentary coffee maker and free parking.

Upgrade to our newly renovated (November 2013) Executive Rooms, Suites and 2 bedroom Suites, and feel cared for with a range of comforting amenities including a microwave, refrigerator, and Keurig coffee maker. Unwind with a modern flat screen TV or catch up with work at a large desk and stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi.

Refresh and unwind while we ensure your stay is a success with a variety of convenient services to enhance your stay at this hotel in the North York/Downsview Area. Wake up to a complementary continental breakfast, or sip on a cool, evening drinks and snacks in the welcoming Monty’s Café and Bar.

VENUE: The Montecassino Hotel & Event Venue
ADDRESS: 3710 Chesswood Drive, Toronto, Ontario

Agenda & Menus


(Hospitality Suites available for non participants – Coffee/Tea/Water Station open ALL DAY/NIGHT)

10 am – 12 pm Showcased Presentations

12 – 1 pm Lunch Buffet Break ~ Surprise Games, raffles, prizes!

LUNCH MENU – Soft Drinks Included

~ Mixed Green Salad
~ Assorted Pizzas
~ Assorted Sandwiches & Wraps (1.5 pp)

1 pm – 3 pm Esteemed Speaker Presentations
3 pm – 5 pm Showcased Presentations

5 pm – 6 pm Change for Dinner ~ Games, raffles, prizes!

6 pm – 7 pm Opening Evening Ceremonies, with Keynote Donna Duncan, CEO of Hincks Dellcrest, Children’s Mental Health Centre
8 pm Dinner Served, with Sweet Table open at 9:30 pm
9pm – 12 pm Dinner/Dance Celebration & Show

DINNER MENU – with OPEN BAR opening at 6 PM.

~ Refreshing Spring Mix Balsamic Salad
~ Choice of two pasta openers
~ Chicken Piccata and Veal Scallopini
~ Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

BAR INCLUDES: Wine, Beer, 5 Bar Brands, Cognac, Vermouth, Brandy, Sambucca, Campari & Peach Snapps

Sweet Table Opens at 9:30 PM
~Specialty Cakes, Assorted Fresh Italian & French Pastries, and assortment of seasonal fresh fruit.







for further information, please contact Team Celebration at 647 393-2125 orHERE.


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For further information, please contact Team Celebration at 647 393-2125.

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