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lauren millman photoDid you know….I can help you stop over-eating, or feeling like you can’t eat. I was there once, and it was the worst time of my life. Being cognitive of your own behavior works!


Because the dissension and angst you’re feeling in any of your relationships can be solved. You can make any situation better. I don’t want you to feel this way one second longer.


Here are some solutions you can put into ACTION as soon as you choose to do something about it instead of pretending it doesn’t exist or hope it just goes away.

ACKNOWLEDGE and REALIZE you have an issue, and ask yourself…

Am I Sick & Tired of feeling Sick & Tired?

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Remember when you felt good, happy? You want that again, right? Here’s where I want to help you. NOW. Because feeling this way hijacks you every second, EVERY DAY, of every happy, peaceful second you could be smiling and having rewarding and fulfilling relationships.

The best way to have communication, is to ‘make’ communication.

Hard thing? Yes!

But if you’re feeling the heat, they probably are too, and ignoring the problem is as bad as ignoring the symptoms, hoping they go away. They don’t. The gap just widens and everything and everyone ends up falling thru the cracks. You don’t want to be there.

Have a conversation.

lauren millman 4Being impartial and non-judgemental brings an openness and willingness to the table. Leave your defensiveness at the door, as this will only set the situation up for a massive failing. Do this in a public place–it will help keep emotions at bay and will naturally encourage a responsible, adult discourse. Wine may help, so go for it ‘face to face‘.

Start positive, like with this: I love you, I love when you, I know that when you, I like when……. and here’s the clincher–there will be no “buts”, “yes, well…”, or “no”, in the vocabulary of this conversation.

Validate. Acknowledge. Listen.

If you have to, keep a Cue-card in front of you with reminders of do’s and don’ts, or wear an elastic band that signifies a no or a don’t.

The_Conversation_Wallpaper__yvt2Really HEAR what your partner has to say–because they’re feeling what they’re feeling for a reason, and it’s not your job to deny that.

It’s your job to understand the ‘why’, take responsibility and ownership for it; acknowledge and apologize, and figure out how to not to have the same situation or event come up again.

If you’re really having a hard time, or it’s become unbearable,


Just make it happen.

[email protected] OR 416-576-5881

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