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Are food and environmental stressors affecting the quality of your life?

  • Foods, electromagnetic fields such as radiations, negative thought processes, pollens, danders, chemicals etc., can act as stressors for our internal cellular environment.
  • Increased exposure to these substances can disturb homeostasis – our body’s internal balance.

Homeostatic Imbalance “Triggers”:

  • Stress – physical or emotional (causes cellular vulnerability to EMF)
  • EMF – Cell phone towers, computers, WiFi, electric alarm clocks, microwave towers
  • Digestive disorders/lack of enzymes
  • Compromised immune system
  • Chemical Sensitivities (over exposure)
  • Food and environmental substances

What can we do against “stressors”?

  • Eating healthy
  • Following regular colon and liver cleansing
  • Balance between exercise and relaxation
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid over exposure to chemicals
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Restore homeostatic balance with BioEnergetics (BIE)


Introducing BioEnergetics (BIE) – a simple, natural and non-invasive modality that helps enable one’s body to maintain balance (homeostasis) without the use of needles or drugs. Using a technique called muscle testing, we first identify your specific stressors (e.g. food, environmental or other types of sensitivities) which may cause a variety of symptoms such as rashes, sinus congestion, abdominal distress and many more. Once your stressors are identified, we use a patented machine (GSR-120) onto specific acupressure points. This modality helps your body to achieve homeostasis (balance). Homeostasis is a state in which the body’s internal environment is kept stable and in this state of balance the body begins to heal itself, thereby alleviating suffering.

In addition to using BIE which helps restore state of balance in the body, we incorporate a variety of modalities and lifestyle changes such a proper nutrition, exercising, herbs & supplements, relaxation techniques to help clients manage their sensitivities.

Steps in BIE:

  • Step 1: Muscle Testing Technique to understand body’s response to substances (food, environmental etc.)
  • Step 2: The GSR-120 unit (BIE machine) is used to direct energy directly onto various acupuncture points on the body to help create homeostasis.

Benefits of BIE:

  • Completely safe and natural
  • Simple and non-invasive
  • Painless
  • Free of drugs and needles
  • Cost-effective
  • BIE’s scope is widespread

nidhi nutrition

Proper nutrition is the most important step towards healthy living. As your Certified Nutritional Consultant we develop a personalized nutritional plan and lifestyle approach based on your specific needs, constraints, likes and dislikes. The collaborative approach allows us to educate clients on their required nutritional supplements and cleanses which would add the most value. Education is a key value proposition offered by Gesundheit Wellness.

To learn more about BIE, visit our website.
About the Practitioner – Nidhi Sachdeva

nidhiNidhi Sachdeva is a multilingual Registered BIE Practitioner, a Registered Occupational Therapist, Certified Nutritional Consultant and an Educator. She grew up in India where natural remedies have a long historical tradition and are an integral part of daily life. Her diverse empirical experiences of travelling for both education and work to different parts of the world has enabled her to understand the timelessness and value of natural remedies and holistic practices. She has made Toronto her home since 2007 and is passionate about sharing her diverse knowledge and expertise for the betterment of all people around her.

Nidhi’s journey to BIE.

I first came to BIE after struggling with a painful rash on my face for over two years. After initially responding to anti-histamine and hydrocortisone, the rash continued to reappear, leaving me still uncomfortable and also suffering the side-effects of the now ineffective drugs.

Frustrated at not being able to pinpoint the cause of the rash, I logged my activities and experimented with new detergents, creams, and soaps, limiting my exposure to chemicals and using only hypoallergenic natural products. But I had no respite. No scratch test or blood test could identify my stressors. I was living with the rash but was losing my patience and confidence.

A friend told me about BIE and desperate to resolve my problem, I decided to go for an initial BIE consultation, even though I was somewhat skeptical.
Biofeedback-Dubai-UAE-HealthUsing biofeedback analysis, a painless stressor-identification method, the BIE practitioner was able to identify that I had become intolerant to my own body’s amino acids and certain hormones. This intolerance was causing my immune system to overreact, thereby giving me a rash every time I ate. This was an amazing moment for me. For the first time in two years, I knew what was causing the rash. But how to manage such an intolerance?
Clearly, avoiding my stressors – my own hormones and amino acids – was not an option.

The BIE practitioner explained to me that my body was out of homeostasis/balance and unable to differentiate between harmless and harmful substances. Using the BIE machine on acupressure points, over the course of a 20-minute treatment, he reintroduced the appropriate frequency of amino acids to my body.

By the time I got home, my rash had started to clear up – for the first time in two years. I returned for several additional treatments and followed a recommended cleanse, and have been clear of that ugly and painful rash since 2010.

Today I consider my experience a blessing in disguise. Not only did I learn about BIE, I went on to embrace a much healthier lifestyle, sharing my new considerations and choices with family and friends. Incorporating BIE, a modality I believe in, as one of the services I offer as a comprehensive health practitioner was an obvious next step.

Public Events

We believe that leading a healthier lifestyle starts with knowledge. As such, Gesundheit Wellness offers free regular health talks throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

The forum provides an opportunity for people to meet, and learn tangible takeaways as to how they can live healthier. If you are interested in having a health seminar at your home or organization, please contact us using the form below or call us at 416-827-4312.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Sun Reaction – S. Corbet (Business Owner)

“All my life I’ve suffered from a rare reaction to sunlight. I was unable to expose myself to the sun for more than 20 minutes without breaking out in a rash and blisters. I have been out in the direct sun with no reaction whatsoever.”

Flowers – S. Woods (Bread & Breakfast Owner)

“Christmas time was never a pleasant memory for me due to negative reactions to poinsettias. I had to be house bound starting in early November and wasn’t able to go the bank or shopping malls. I am now symptom free and enjoying shopping!”

Breathing Difficulties – Reese H. (Teacher)

“My shortness of breath and wheezing is 85% better already!”

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