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5 Great Reasons to Learn Astrology
By Mark Husson

louise hay mark husson astrologyAccording to Wiki.Answers.com, 700 million people read their horoscopes! What must they be looking for? Aside from the fact that we’ve been star gawking for thousands of years, there may be a reason why this ancient practice of looking for clues to our everyday life (based on floating rocks, no less) is thriving!

Here’s a quick hit list of great reasons to learn Astrology—aside from making you more beautiful and giving you whiter teeth, you can also benefit in the following ways:

  1. You Can Get Better Deals:  Sooner or later as you submerge into the study of planets you will come across certain proclamations about bad planetary events. (Perhaps you’ve heard of the Mercury or Mars Retrograde?) Some of the most conscious astrologers still get their authority enhanced by being the harbingers of bad news (You know, the one who doles out the fear, has the power).Now honestly, you can tell if you’re making a purchase that you shouldn’t be making. You get those tinges of guilt, feelings of haste and squirmy stomach all happening at the same time.  Chances are, right before you go to make that “Guilty” purchase, you’ll have bitten a few heads off!  If you are feeling THOSE feelings then back off for goodness sake.

    Some of the greatest vacations, cars and purchases that I’ve made were during retrogrades. And some of the most successful businesses in the world launched under a retrograde!  Opt out of the fear and live fully under the retrogrades.  Count on some delicious surprises while the rest of the world waits it out.

  2. You Can Become a Better Speller: Knowing someone’s Rising Sign could save you a whole mess of head and heart ache!  Imagine that you meet someone and sparks fly! Imagine that they are everything you dreamed of; open, honest, communicative and funny! You have all the information you need to dive in—Right?  WRONG! The Rising Sign is part of getting to know someone. But “hooking up” with someone because you have chemistry on the first few dates is like buying a house because you like the color of the door. The Rising Sign is based on the Time of Birth, at least get that information before giving them all of yours. So how do you become a better speller when you learn astrology? You’ll certainly learn the difference between your Sole Mate and Soul Mate.
  3. You Can Save Money on Anti-depressants!  Most of us “get it” about the Full Moon but few really understand the New Moon. As we get closer to the New Moon, the Moon actually “Loses Light” and we may lose a little light of our own (feel depressed, less hopeful).  Knowing this can dramatically reduce your fear and allow you to accept the New Moon doldrums without running to your Doctor or Naturopath for Anti-depressants. Once the New Moon hits the exact point, the “happy” returns pretty fast!
  4. You Can Get More Invitations:  Good students of human behavior know that the best way to be liked is NOT to be interesting but to be INTERESTED!  Your hunger for astrology will make you ask someone their Astrological Sign, give them great positive things about themselves, and make them feel like they’ve just met their best friend who knows everything about them!  This means you’ll be invited to more parties to make even more friends. Just remember, a good student of astrology loses all prejudices and understands why all signs have a beautiful side—the kind of person with whom people like to hang!
  5. You Can Get More Raises:  Good business strategists will tell you that unless you can connect with your customers, you can’t have a successful business. Having these hidden pockets of astrological knowledge will give you the advantage you need to be Employee of the Month, or heck, even YEAR.  Tidbits like, “An Aries hates schmoozers,” “A Libra loves being complimented on a coordinated outfit,” “A Taurus loves flattery” and “A Leo hates being ignored.”  Now all you need is the customers and their month and day of birth (asking for the year is rude) and you will have them opening their hearts and their wallets!

louise hay astrologyThere you have it: 5 Great Reasons to Learn Astrology. 

Oh, trust me, there are so many more. Wait till I tell you how astrology can help you with a greener garden, a leaner body and a thicker head of hair!  Until next time!

You can hear more great reasons to learn astrology during Mark Husson’s live online talk show — “Power Peek Hour,” every Tuesday morning on HayHouseRadio.com.

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