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You’ve earned somebody’s respect and admiration. What do you say to that? Are you one of those people who gets uncomfortable when someone compliments you? Why is it so difficult to accept compliments graciously? It’s important to learn to accept compliments graciously.


In a recent study most people deflect compliments nearly two-thirds of the time, often by suggesting that they don’t deserve the praise. But deflection contradicts the person who gave the compliment, implying that he or she has poor judgement or taste.

Simply say, “thank you” – there is never a time when that is not appropriate. Follow up with, “I appreciate you noticing that” or “I was feeling down and this is just the encouragement I needed.”

If what you are being praised for included the work of others, acknowledge their efforts after accepting credit for your own role. Example: “It couldn’t have happened without Devin’s help!”

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“An assertive person knows their self worth and appreciates acknowledgement, but neither seeks it out nor rebuffs it when received.” ~ Unknown

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