Have Sex… Whether You Want to or Not!

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Kristy Sinsara, Guest Author

Everyone has great sex in the beginning, gay or straight but then life happens. And those sexy fun nights where you throw the mattress down in front of the fireplace and drink wine and watch your favorite movies and have wild, awesome, fun, amazing sex that you think would put porn stars to shame turns into reality and life and kids and demands and work and family and stress and “when could you possibly find the time” and besides “it’s the last thing on your mind.” Keeping up with the likes of Live Jasmine’s cam girls to try and please your man may work for a while, but remember: they are professionals who are sexy for a living. Doesn’t hurt to watch and get tips though (vrai site de sexe comme Livejasmin)!

The rule: do it anyway… even when you don’t feel like it. If you notice your sex life is starting to fall apart, put it on the schedule and make it happen! If you feel the spark has gone, it might be worth visiting one of the Amsterdam escorts in order to rekindle it.

larry love notes imageFirst of all, there’s nothing quite as unfair as demanding your spouse be “monogamous” with you and expect them to only have sex with you but then you refuse to ever give it up, put out, say “yes.” I’m always amazed by these women that refuse to sleep with their husbands but then act completely victimized when their husbands cheat on them. Your husband was the victim first with your demands of monogamy and then refusal to be his partner in that area in life.

But life happens in all relationships. It’s not so fun and sexy being physically intimate with someone that just disappointed the shit out of you… but you have to work it out and make it happen! Tina and I went from having incredible sex to a definite lull in this department where it was as sporadic as “only on vacation”… and then we talked about why we stopped… and started scheduling it. Scheduling leads to wanting it more, which naturally leads to just getting back in the groove of doing it more consistently.

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And yes, we will literally say “this Friday is “date night”. No kids, we’re going to dinner, and then coming home and locking ourselves in our room all night. And that’s what we do… and you know what, we have NEVER been disappointed that we scheduled sex (LOL)… make it happen!

It also helps to be more open minded in this category. I don’t care who you are or to whom you are married, everyone wants a fun, crazy sex life. Be open about sex, talk about it. Have FUN! You shouldn’t always want to look each other in the eyes and whisper love poems… BOOOOORING!

Throw your spouse for a curve ball. Have the candles lit, wine poured, bath drawn, and get out the FUN! But remember, if you’re not having sex with your spouse, someone else will.

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