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WHITBY -- Whitby resident Katie Zeppieri is launching a social enterprise for youth in Durham Region this summer called Make Your Mark. The initiative aims to inspire youth to be leaders in their communities. May 4, 2012.

Katie Zeppieri

It’s hard to believe that Katie Zeppieri is only 23 because her life and career experiences are outstanding. She is curious, resourceful and ready to take over the world. As a community leader, Katie knows what it takes to connect with today’s generation and empower young adults to make their mark in a world of opportunities. Her ability to transition big business ideas into reality is what makes her a “Girl On Top”. I can’t wait to see what this incredible woman has up her sleeve next. Here’s her story!
Katie Zeppieri is proud to be the CEO and Founder of Make Your Mark, a social enterprise that provides leadership development training to children and youth. She is a multimedia producer, motivational speaker, youth mentor, humanitarian and author of the “Culture of Peace” Teacher Resource Manual. This past June 2012, Katie delivered a TED Talk titled “Dear High School Me” as a finalist for the TED Worldwide Talent Search in Vancouver, one of fourteen major cities from around the globe hosting TED salons for this competition.

Katie Zeppieri is the Founder and CEO of a new social enterprise called Make Your Mark, which provides leadership development training to young people.[Note: We want you to see these talks exactly as they happened! The archive footage might be a little rougher than the usual TED.com talk.]

Katie would describe her high school self as the type of student who “simply had to get involved in everything she was passionate about”.

katie TED High-School-Jungle-Katie_TEDHer active involvement and leadership throughout her high school years led her to the career path she has chosen today and provided her with opportunities for national recognition.

Katie is a Top 20 Under 20 Finalist, a recipient of the prestigious TD Canada Trust $75,000 Scholarship for “Community Leadership” and has been awarded the Governor General’s “Caring Canadian” Award.

She is a YMCA Peace Medallion Recipient, a June Callwood Harmony Scholarship Recipient and has been recognized by the YWCA as a “Young Woman of Distinction.”

Katie has also been crowned “Miss Italia” and “Miss Fiesta” in the local Durham Region community and has competed as a regional contestant for Miss Universe Canada, and as a provincial contestant for Miss Canada Globe where she placed 6th & was crowned “Miss Congeniality”.

Katie is dedicated to promoting youth leadership, encouraging young people to have a positive self-image and standing up against injustices. She hopes to use her leadership background to mentor and empower an entire generation of youth to “make their mark” on the world.


An innovative movement and social enterprise

To develop and inspire young leaders of great character.

What We Stand For:
mym tee'sAt Make Your Mark, we believe that youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but also the leaders of today. In a society where negative pressures make it easy for young people to feel “not good enough,” Make Your Mark helps youth explore their talents, find their passions and become empowered to make their mark in schools, the local community and the world.

What We Do:
Make Your Mark develops leaders both inside and out. We teach youth to believe in themselves and empower them to change the world around them.

mym penOur goal is to inspire youth to see leadership as a lifestyle, rather than just a personality trait. We want youth to view each decision they make and each challenge that arises as an opportunity to define who they are as an individual. Make Your Mark accomplishes this goal by connecting and inspiring youth in 3 key ways, through: 1) Summer camps & leadership development programs; 2) Powerful media with a message; and 3) Motivational speakers & workshops.

Launching in the Durham Region this July & August are Make Your Mark’s unique, two-week summer leadership camps for youth ages 9-14. For more information on our camps and to register, visit our “Leadership Academy” section.

Future Vision of the Movement:
Make Your Mark plans to spread our Leadership Academy across the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario by 2013. Our long range plans extend to the national level.

We currently have several Public Service Announcements in production in our Make Your Mark Media department and are in the proposal stages for a national documentary that seeks to measure the impact of violent media on children.

Even as we celebrate our physical launch this year in the Durham Region, people from all over can still connect with us through our inspirational media, live events, motivational blog posts and leadership resources.

Let the journey begin.


Hundreds of girls attended Make Your Mark’s first annual GIRL TALK conference on June 4, 2013. Various elementary and high schools in the GTA gathered together to watch several positive and inspiring performances throughout the day.



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A Celebration of Women™

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Brava Katie!


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