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Just Do It


 Do you have a secret desire that has not been met?
A desire of the heart that will help you be free…
A feeling waiting for an opportunity to be
And yet nothing is done…only waiting
With recall and courage just do it!

How can you manifest the heart’s desire?
The solution may be you simply must act
Materialization of a dream demands movement
Questions and doubts, yet the answer is simple
With observation and truth just do it!

How often do you say the goal will manifest tomorrow?
Not giving it the power to arrive today
When you give it a leeway of time and space
You create an excuse for blocking success
With confidence and belief just do it!

Does your mind desire something good to be?
Imagine and accept that which you desire
If reasoning does not make sense
Pay attention to feelings ignored and replaced
With passion and power just do it!

Do you listen to your heart and honor the vision?
Stay with your focus and believe in Self
You are the creator and the created
Decide, stand tall and dream
With persistence and patience just do it!

Can anyone else make your dream come true?
They can comfort, support and encourage
In the end it rests on you
Stay true to Self and open wide the door
With imagination and trust just do it!

Is there a key or a secret to be found?
A teacher, class and book to read?
The key, secret, teacher, class and book
Are securely locked within you
With a fervent Love and guiding Light just do it!


Shirlee Hall


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