Surviving the First Day, Save the Children celebrates Mothers!


logo_stcIn honor of Mother’s Day, Save the Children presents our 14th annual State of the World’s Mothers report.


The first day of life is the most dangerous day of a child’s life in countries rich and poor around the world, including the United States.

Beloved actresses Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Connelly and Allyson Hannigan join with celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and moms from around the world to share their first moments.

Would love if you shared your baby’s #FirstMoments with us!

Mother’s Index

The chances a mother and her baby will survive help determine Save the Children’s annual rankings of the best and worst places in the world to be a mother. Education, income and political representation of women are the other factors.


Don’t Let Her Birth Day Be Her Last Day

8fb70d24b75511e2bd5222000a9f12e7_5Imagine being eight months pregnant when an earthquake hits.

Imagine going into labor in a remote village with no doctors, no roads and no running water. Imagine not hearing the sound of your baby cry the moment she’s born. Those are living nightmares for millions of new moms around the world.

In fact, more than 1 million babies die on the day they were born. It’s a horrifying statistic, but we can do something about it – with your help.

Please join us in asking President Obama and Congress to protect global health funding and increase support for maternal, newborn and child-health programs.

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State of the World’s Mothers – Save the Children


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