Veronica – You Have a Choice



You Have A Choice

“It is important to commit yourself to a positive walk through life.

Not a sprint, not a run, but a walk through life to be able to appreciate all it has to offer.

Decide not to rush. Slow down and truly live each moment. It is experience you take with you, nothing else.

There are those who feel their innocence has been robbed from those who would do them harm. I each life yes, there are those who, for whatever reason, attempt to cause damage. Realize it is always within your ability to transcend any negativity.

Overcoming adversity is one of the greatest accomplishments in the linear. Decide that whatever the experience was, that it’s not going to keep you from expressing your soul.

Souls are eternal. They may have great awareness of linear negativity, but are resilient in over coming obstacles.

You have a choice: To be defeated, or a choice to overcome and be fully you.

No one can take the vitality of your soul’s energy from you. Wake up to the completeness of your energy each day, and see what it can do.

Leave those who would take your vitality behind. It’s a choice, sometimes a difficult one.

Walk through life confident that the choices are yours.

You can become whole in your soul and heart again.

You will reach the destination.

Of that you can be sure.”



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