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Training for a 3-Day Walk is, in many ways, similar to training for a marathon. While you’ll be walking, rather than running, you’ll also be covering a staggering 60 miles over three days, all in the name of breast cancer research and awareness.

3-dayWhether you’re a breast cancer survivor, love someone who is or have lost someone to this devastating disease, there are a variety of reasons why you may want to walk in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day.

If you’re determined to make that 60 mile walk for those who have battled breast cancer, these 36 blog entries can give you a bit of insight regarding preparation, training and “knowing what to expect“.

3-Day Walk Basics

Before you take off on a 60 mile trek that lasts for three days, you’ll probably want to know a bit more about the organization, the event and what it supports.

These six blog entries are filled with basic Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk information, from what the walk is to what it means to participants.

Preparing Mentally

Unless you’re a triathlete with a body of steel and laser-like focus, you’ll have to prepare your mind for the strain of walking for three days as well as your body.

These six blog entries are dedicated to mental preparation and emotional training for 3-Day Walkers or marathon runners, and can help you make sure you’re emotionally ready for such a strenuous undertaking.

Strength and Conditioning

Even athletic, physically fit women will need to adjust their training regimen a bit to prepare their bodies for the 3-Day Walk. These six entries are mostly directed at marathon runners, but offer valuable training hints, tips and information that will also come in handy for 3-Day Walkers.

Food is Fuel

Eating is as much a part of your training for a marathon or the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk as your brand-new exercise and physical training routine. The nutritional and dietary information contained in these six blog entries can help you make the most of your meals, and to view food as the fuel it’s intended to be.

Staying Motivated

When you first sign up for the 3-Day Walk and begin collecting pledges, you’ll probably be filled to the brim with enthusiasm. As the date nears and you begin to tire of the strenuous training and dietary constraints, however, it’s easy to lose sight of why you’re actually walking. These six blogs can serve as a support system, source of motivation and a reminder for why you’re taking the long walk for breast cancer research.


What to Expect

Unless you’ve participated in a 3-Day event before, it’s hard to know what you should expect in advance. From packing checklists to personal narratives about others’ 3-Day Walk experiences, these six blogs can help you begin to understand what you should expect from the experience, and what you’ll need along the way.



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