WOMEN in RECOVERY – Can I RE-build my Character?

John Luther once said,

Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent. Most talents are to some extent a gift. Good character, by contrast, is not given to us. We have to build it piece by piece by thought, choice, courage and determination.

Nothing could be truer.

There are some amongst us that are born prodigies, blessed with talent that others cannot even dream of possessing. But there are some attributes that set us apart, regardless of the skills we possess and the talents we may or may not have.

… and that is our ‘character’.

The way we behave with other people and the ideals, according to which we live our lives, garner us the respect and regard of fellow individuals and set us apart from the crowd.

List of Character Traits

A-Z Positive Character Traits Negative Character Traits
A Affectionate Aggressive
Affable Anger
Ambitious Afraid
Active Arrogant
B Brave Boorish
Brilliant Bossy
Brainy Babyish
Bright Bad
C Courageous Caustic
Calm Conniving
Capable Careless
Charismatic Childish
D Daring Dangerous
Decisive Dishonest
Dependable Disrespectful
Diligent Disparaging
E Effervescent Embarrassing
Eloquent Evil
Energetic Exacting
F Facetious Foolish
Faithful Fearful
Funny Finicky
Frank Fidgety
G Generous Gloomy
Giving Glum
Gentle Garrulous
Gregarious Greedy
H Happy Harsh
Helpful Haughty
Honest Hateful
Humorous Harried
I Intelligent Insensitive
Imaginative Ignorant
Immaculate Ill-bred
Impartial Immature
J Jovial Jealous
K Kind Killjoy
L Loving Lackadaisical
Lively Lazy
Logical Languid
Loyal Loner
M Meticulous Malicious
Mature Mean
Mysterious Moody
N Nice Naive
Neat Naughty
O Open minded Obnoxious
Obedient Outspoken
Optimistic Opinionated
P Peaceful Picky
Polite Pessimistic
Precise Pompous
Positive Petulant
Q Quick Quarrelsome
Quiet Quixotic
R Rational Rash
Refined Rambunctious
Responsible Restless
Reliable Rude
S Sensible Selfish
Satisfied Scornful
Serene Shifty
Sensitive Severe
T Tolerant Thoughtless
Tenacious Timid
Tasteful Taciturn
Thoughtful Touchy
U Useful Uncommunicative
Unpretentious Uncouth
Unselfish Unscrupulous
V Versatile Vulgar
Vivacious Listless
W Wise Weak
Witty Whimsical
Warm Wicked

The above character traits list is just an overview of the many attributes that an individual may display. There are some characteristics that are inherent and difficult to change, while there are some that are developed over the years and can be modeled for the better. This character traits list can be of help to teachers while trying to introduce various personality characteristics of people to their students or a novelist who is in the process of developing characters for his literary work.

Whatever your purpose is, hopefully this list of character traits has been helpful in elucidating to you the different character attributes that human beings exhibit.

In order to make a character traits list, it is important to understand what character traits are. Character traits put very simply are those characteristics that make us the unique individuals we are. They are the qualities that we possess that make other people look up to us, and faults that put people off us. While initially people are judged by their physical appearance, it is these character traits that finally enable anyone to judge us properly and correctly. Admirable character traits in a person can include traits like being a good leader, a person who is honest, truthful and most importantly, a good human being. While there are some attributes in the character traits list given below which seem like they are not altogether positive or negative, these characteristics in extremes can be annoying or charming depending on the situation.

So, how do we develop these characteristics?

Most of the character traits that we possess are developed while we grow up depending on our family background and social environment, that determines the kind of individuals we turn out to be. Family, in most cases, is the basis for character building. But there are some people, whose character development is a sole result of their persistent aim to be better than what they have been born into.

There you go!

The choice is all yours for the making; and the difficulty to the achievement is relative to the honesty put into the cleaning of the SUB-conscious. Do the work and enjoy the rewards.

Take Action!

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