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My intention is to build enough of a presence in the world of Autism Awareness to dispel the mystery and fear and just teach people how to change what is. I work in an amazing field wherein curing things like depression is easily done and yet pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars building a world of addicts by creating dependency. The population of autism is even more disadvantaged by misinformation and crippling approaches to healing. I want to change that.

lynette louise bookI am the author of the book MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to Autism.

This book was a lifetime in the making… quite literally!

I share with honesty and humor the learning’s a lifetime with autism offered to my crazy and adorable family. Raising eight children on my own, four on the spectrum of autism, was a challenge that clients and family members insist I share with others in the form of this book. So, Miracles are Made: A Real Life Guide to Autism was born. It’s part memoir, part brain science, part client stories and honest telling’s, all autism answers and inspiration. And like with all of my wonderful babies, I am proud!

lynette podcastI am also hosting an exciting new podcast A NEW SPIN ON AUTISM: ANSWERS!

Spreading awareness in the world of autism is very important, but so is discovering concrete answers. I am a true believer in following your insticts and passions and so every other Monday I invite guest experts to discuss their chosen topic-from stand-up comedy, to travel, to neuroscience-and together we spin our passions to reveal surprising autism answers.

I also enjoy (very much!) speaking/performing for parents, professionals and anyone else interested in autism, the brain or parenting!



I have written a one woman musical comedy called CRAZY TO SANE and have taken it around the world in my attempt to share autism answers with fun and honesty.

‘Crazy To Sane’ makes it unique and as such it is a slightly risky venture. This abbreviated – and somewhat adapted – version of my one-woman show is based on the true story of adopting, raising and healing autistic children and grandchildren. It is also the story of the child that is left behind.

lynette cd

The music is awesome!

The stories are real!

I share from the perspective of my life because my children preferred I not share from the perspective of theirs.

As a means of underscoring the message as well as reaching across generational taste lines the music in the show ranges from rock to blues to cabaret. And of course Crazy To Sane carries the message of how to go from this to that.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Though the language I use to tell of my adventures is family friendly the content, on occasion, is not. Thus just in case you want to sing-a-long in the car without concern for little ears I included a ‘songs only’ disk with your package.

A CD of the show is available at my website


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