Shirlee Hall, WHY SUFFERING?


The primary cause for suffering is:

‘non-recognition of one’s own spiritual identity’.

It is the individual spirit identity whose substance is the light of God that is one with all other creations whether they are in form or no form. There are multiple causes for suffering, but the one I will address in this message is a formidable one … it is love.

Love is the link between one creature and another.

It is the link between a creature and its Creator. When the link appears to be broken through denial, separation or death; the appearance is not a reality. The reality is that love cannot be destroyed, real love continues regardless of the scene you are playing in your own story. It matters not whether you are a saint or a sinner.

Real love is the difference between a Tin man, a man without a heart, and the lion heart.

You can try to isolate yourself from other creatures to prevent the pain of involvement in love, but there are other beings usually not seen who live in your atmosphere. The invisible ones are capable of sending you comfort, guidance, protection and a sense of love.

There are also earth bound entities that simply want to torment humans with their psychic poison.

I mention this fact because all life interacts whether seen or unseen.

Whatever choices you make will find you sending out energy, and more than likely on the receiving end, for energy coming in to your space/time existence.

Love is one of the multiple forms we experience and refer to as oneness. Energy, both negative and positive exists and is active whether you seek or hide from it.

Why do saints of this world suffer?

They suffer in their own compassionate way because they love everything without judgment. They understand the pain of the unenlightened. As long as a soul loves, he or she is open to pain. The pain takes a different form when the soul has achieved a greater level of wisdom.

It is painful to watch and not to be able to fully help those who do not understand or love unconditionally.

People who harbor toxic emotions create disorder and illness both within and without. They have subconscious guilt, unfulfilled desires and lack the inner knowing of one who loves unconditionally. Whether you are a saint or sinner or someone vibrating in-between, you will likely suffer when you have friends, family, associations, beliefs, and pets.

You are not immune.

Suffering happens to the best of souls. When your consciousness is awakened and your energy vibrates from a higher perspective of compassion and unconditional love, suffering is experienced on another level because it is understood.

Taking all this into consideration, you are not immune to pain because your heart is open and you genuinely love.

Love is our link~

Thanks to Shirlee Hall, 2012 ~ BE HEALED FOREVER

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