World Bank endorses new 2-year strategy for Haiti

The World Bank Board of Directors this week endorsed a new two-year strategy for Haiti that will continue to reduce the population’s vulnerability to disasters, provide 1.5 million people with cholera education, prevention and treatment, and support the repair and reconstruction of houses so that 45,000 people can return to safe homes.

The strategy will also improve access to electricity for 600,000 people and finance tuition of 100,000 children per year.

According to a World Bank press release, in response to the earthquake, donors allocated US$500 million from the International Development Association’s (IDA) Crisis Response Window to Haiti for the period of 2012-14.

The Haiti Interim Strategy Note (ISN 2) for 2013/14 programs the remaining US$245 million in grants, following the first tranche of US$255 million, which was approved in December 2011.

The new World Bank strategy for 2013/14 supports the Government’s priorities and efforts. Haiti’s Minister of Economy and Finance Marie Carmelle Jean-Marie, said the country’s proximity to large markets and substantial opportunities for agriculture and tourism development provide Haiti with a real potential for growth. She said that to capitalize on this potential, Haiti will work with the Bank and other partners to deepen public sector reforms and governance, accelerate reconstruction, and improve the business environment, all along with a deep and constant concern about employment and poverty reduction issues.

In addition, the Haiti Interim Strategy Note ISN 2 will: “Support ante- and postnatal care services to around half a million pregnant women and provide healthcare services to 1.5 million children under five.”

“Advance inclusive growth by restoring historical sites and promoting tourism in the North.”

Increase productivity and competitiveness of the agriculture sector with improved food security and nutrition among the most vulnerable groups.

“Improve government accountability and transparency in public financial management, and build Haiti’s capacity to deliver services to its people.”


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