Key to Recovery – Cosmic Form of the Divine

 Strife, Confusion and Conflict be gone  


If a difference of opinion has clouded your thoughts …

If you change your focus and look for the common ground of peace, focus and look for the common ground of peace,you can bring

Harmony into your relationships again, you become an Earth angel.

Remember, God tells us that blessed are the peacemakers.

When we dwell together in unity, we honor God and open the door for His hand of blessing in every area of our lives.

You can bring harmony into your relationships again. You know that one of the most powerful ways you can fight for your relationships is to be a peacemaker?

Beloved child of God, you are a peace-lover at heart.

You are bringing unity into your relationships.

“The Universe has been called the Cosmic Form of the Divine.
All the beings you see here are manifestations of the Cosmic Form.
This means that all are inherently Divine.”


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