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A ripple effect a situation where, like the ever expanding ripples across water when an object is dropped into it, an effect from an initial state can be followed outwards incrementally.

The Ripple Effect is rooted in the belief that all we are all connected by our shared Humanity.

The Pond is the World,

Your Heart is the Pebble,

Drop a pebble in a still pond and watch the ripple travel out in an ever expanding ring with every Heartbeat.


Examples can be found in economics where an individual’s reduction in spending reduces the incomes of others and their ability to spend.

In sociology, it can be observed how social interactions can affect situations not directly related to the initial interaction, and in charitable activities where information can be disseminated and passed from community to community to broaden its impact.



1 Concept

Drop a pebble in a still pond and watch the ripple travel out in an ever expanding ring.

2 Description of Physics

  • Drop a pebble in a still pond and watch the ripple travel out in an ever expanding ring.
  • Two well known Principles of Physics are Wave Theory and Entrainment.
  • Wave Theory teaches us that a wave will continue to travel out, never changing its initial shape or frequency.
  • It also teaches us that when two waves intersect each other, the height of the effect is the sum of the heights of the two individual waves.
  • Entrainment is the tendency for two vibrating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony.

3 The Goal

The Goal of Humanity Healing™ is to make a lasting difference for positive change by supporting Humanitarian efforts that create sustainable solutions for the World’s problems.

We believe that through a multifaceted approach of organizing Good Works, Education and Promoting Spiritual growth; we can bring about mutual respect and understanding. We can each send out Ripples of Blessings, Ripples of Social Justice, Ripples of Goodness Ripples of Peace and Ripples of Loving-Kindness past all barriers and across all borders.



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