Once we acknowledge our magnificence … Shirlee Hall


We are like a tree. We have roots, a trunk, branches, leaves, seeds and eventually flowers and fruits.

Once we acknowledge our magnificence and work with a constancy through respect for our body, subconscious and conscious, feeling nature and heart, courage and mercy, we finally achieve a greater understanding, wisdom and magical brilliancy exuding pure love.

We are fully capable of reaching the top of the tree and actually being able to consciously participate in a level of arrival where both the masculine and feminine principles are balanced because we are firmly connected with our Higher Nature.

Climbing the Tree is the way we approach our Circle of Light monthly classes and Sacred Healing Breath Workshops. This fall and through the remaining months of this year we are focusing on the shadow. The shadow is what we make it. We create the shadow and it is the astral body, a gateway to the Source.

The shadow is part of the collective unconscious and our personal unconscious. It is a hidden dumping ground. A fall clean up is always recommended. It is easier at times to deny the storehouse. An inner battle is always going on because it is a bridge between how we think of ourselves in matter and our true higher divine nature. It is actually a bridge into the immortal.

The shadow brings forth our dualities and will actually help us to balance them. It is much easier to slip into denial not realizing that denial is a form of self-abuse.

The shadow is actually an ally, a friend, who serves to show us the moments when we are not aligned to love. The shadow helps us remember who we really are if we do not ignore its existence.

The trick is to treat our shadow with friendliness, respect and be willing to work with it. In our upcoming gatherings, we will bring the shadow forward and face it. This is a powerful tool in helping us climb the living Tree of Life.


May the fruits of abundance be yours,

Shirlee Hall
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