Lynette Palmen, WN Australia – HOT OFF the Press !!!

It’s hot off the press and in a few days WNA Members will be receiving their copy of the Spring issue of ‘Working Women’.

You know – I always struggle with editing and layout decisions and complain throughout the entire publishing process, but nothing feels as satisfying as when that truck pulls up outside the office to dump a fresh edition of our fabulous glossy magazine.

We’ve been publishing the magazine for over 19 years, but to this day I am still like a child when it arrives, rushing out to the loading area, breaking open one of the boxes to eagerly flick through the pages excited to see the finished product. I feel so proud for the Members who contribute articles that end up being published and I am always beyond appreciative of all the businesses who advertise in the magazine and support its production.

After all without our loyal advertisers there would be no editorial space for the articles to be run. But suffice to say – when a new issue of the magazine arrives each quarter it’s like the excitement of opening pressies on Christmas morning.

Now on the matter of Santa’s arrival in a couple of months. Tickets for our annual Christmas Party luncheons are already selling.

If you want to attend or you are looking to secure a free Exhibition Trade Table so you can sell your products and promote your services to everyone in attendance, you need to think seriously about getting yourself organised and purchasing your tickets now. You can check the dates and details of all of our remaining events for 2012 by going to our events booking page.

I am off to Melbourne and Sydney this week to host the networking luncheons, so I’m looking forward to catching up if you have booked for either of these events. Have a great week and keep making it all happen for your business.


Lynette L Palmen AM (The Bullet),
Founder and Managing Director
Women’s Network Australia
T: 1800 052 476
E: [email protected]
Facebook: Connect with WNA on


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