GARDENING: 5 Steps to Making a Simple Container Garden

5 Steps to Making a Simple Container Garden

Container gardens work well for people who live in an apartment or those that don’t have room in their yard to grow a garden.

However, anyone who wants to add some greenery and a splash of color some place where there isn’t any dirt can still use a container garden.

Maybe you’d like to create a welcoming entrance on your front walk. A container garden on either side of the walk creates a beautiful entrance.

Follow these simple steps and you can create your own container garden in less than an hour.

1] Choose a large container with drainage holes. If your container of choice does not have drainage holes then get out your drill and put some in. Fill the pot 1/3 full with Styrofoam peanuts. This will allow the container to not be so heavy that you can’t move it. Fill the rest of the pot up with commercial soil mix. Choose a type that holds moisture and contains some slow release fertilizer.

2] Decide on your color scheme. Try to match what’s already going on in your yard or flower beds if you can. If you don’t have anything to match then go with whatever makes you happy. Choose 1 tall plant for each pot, 3 medium plants and 3 plants that will spill over the edge of the pot. Traditional container gardens contain these flowers. A spike of Dracaena in the center which will give the pot height, 3 geraniums around the center plant for color and around the outside edge, vinca vines to spill over.

3] Feel free to break away from the traditional. When choosing the plants keep in mind what their sun and watering needs are. These plants will be in a pot together so they should have similar sun and water needs in order to grow well together.

4] Maintaining your container garden is simple. Keep in mind that container gardens dry out quickly so water them regularly. During hot and dry spells you may need to water your container 1 to 3 times a day to keep it looking its best. You can use recycled water from a dehumidifier or from cooking. If your soil has fertilizer in it read on the label to see how long it should last. If your soil does not have fertilizer included then you will want to add some slow release fertilizer to last the whole season. Check out the best liquid lawn fertilizers.

5] Have fun with your container garden. Include the kids in the planting if you’d like. Almost anything can be grown in a container. If your kids like tomatoes you can grow a tomato plant in a container. Make sure it gets plenty of sun and water. Containers have an added benefit of being portable so if the weather report says that your area is going to get a frost that night you can move your container into the garage or inside for the night.

You can even bring the container inside during the winter and put it back outside in the spring. If you have any questions about how to grow something in a container ask your local garden center staff for advice. They are usually very helpful and knowledgeable.

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