WOMEN in RECOVERY – Thriving or Surviving?

Are you Thriving or Surviving?

We can all fall into the hum-drum routine of everyday living once in awhile but how much time are you spending there?

When someone asks you how you are doing…

A Celebration of Women encourages you to seek freedom in your own life.

Here are six tips for living a life of celebrated independence, that will assist any woman in thriving through the LIFE coming up rather than surviving LIFE:

1. Emotional Freedom.

Face it: You need to unplug for awhile. Set your auto-responder indicating you’re away and shun all handheld devices. If you can’t unplug entirely, silence alerts and ringers, or schedule a brief moment to check e-mail. Keep in mind, you can’t really “check out” if you’re still tied to the office or a cellphone.

2. Financial Freedom.

True financial freedom only comes when you can live off the interest from your assets. Perhaps this coming season is the perfect time to start thinking critically about how you’ll achieve this goal. Pressed for time? Seek out that financial planner and take the time to have that ‘chat’ you have been putting off for months or years now.

3. Freedom of Time.

Nobody likes being a slave to the office, but few people do anything about it. Reassess your life goals and decide if it’s time to be your own boss, or professionally capitalize on something you have a personal passion for. Taking Action on your own dreams may just be the key to maximizing your performance levels. Always remember, no risk-no change.

4. Freedom of Well-Being.

Physical activity promotes psychological well-being, reduces stress and even reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. The New Year Season is synonymous with outdoor activity so get outside and revel in the moment. Make the commitment to your health, take that walk onto the trail in the woods, exchange the jewellery for a treadmill and/or go easy on the vices this year.

5. Freedom of Spirit.

Life is complex, and all the quantitative lists in the world won’t make a difference if you’re not ready to make the commitment to yourself. Remember, the most important thing you can work on is yourself. When you take the time you need to enrich your own personal development, success will follow. Sometimes, the fastest movement forward happens while we are standing absolutely still; try that meditation that you have been promising yourself for years now. It really is not as complicated as one has been made to believe, it is a simple task of sitting silently still, and listening …. listening to one’s own being. Some of the greatest concepts, ideas or solutions come to us when we simply stop long enough to allow the thought into our own minds.

6. Forgiveness.

Let’s face it. Sometimes letting a hurt go seems almost impossible, as it just keeps creeping back into your mind. One fact that I work diligently on remembering is that the one person I am hurting the most by hanging on to a resentment, is ME! Therefore, forgiving, if not forgetting is really only giving me a break. Chances are the other person is not even remembering the act or even thinking about it.

Celebrate Your Life..!

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