WOMAN of ACTION™ – Wendy Ladd


A Celebration of Women™

is elated to Celebrate the Life,  with the Women of our World, of this UNstoppable force. 

 She refers to herself as the Master Connector, and we Celebrate that she is now here for the Women of our World.

This woman will show the way of rising above change and working for others, leading the way to Success!  




Wendy Ladd  


People, Products and Ideas

Wendy wants to share and connect her success with YOU!

Her unique ability of bringing people and products together through her personal experience, expertise and influence continue to make a difference in so many peoples lives. It doesn’t seem to matter what you want or what you need, Wendy has the Connection! 

…  a Woman that is Always there to Take Action! 

With the utmost pleasure,

was nominated and has accepted the role of 2011 Spokeswoman for A Celebration of Women™ 

Wendy Ladd with WOMAN of ACTION™ – Charlene Brisson, one of Canada’s Marketing Experts!


FABULOUS, FIT & FANTASTIC invites you to come on a journey that will change your life. Experience true beauty from the inside/out, with body, mind and soul. Participate in an easy every day program that empowers people to achieve their maximum potential and get to their “natural state of weight”. Having someone to be accountable to can take you to an entirely new level in all areas of your life: physical, mental, spiritual, financial and environmental.

The FABULOUS, FIT & FANTASTIC program has launched world wide and is helping many people across the world, from Canada, United States, U.K., Mexico, Australia, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Europe. The program educates you with specific detailed information, products and guidance on making the best choices for your own personal ultimate body, mind and soul enhancements.

Even some of the Hollywood Stars are now using some of the products from FABULOUS, FIT & FANTASTIC PROGRAM. It’s miraculous how lives are being changed. Come let us change yours.

Send an email today, or Make a call to reserve your spot.
YOU CAN ALSO CALL WENDY HERE: 1 866 342-4890. 

Come and be a part of the journey….

Check out:  www.wendyladd.itworks.net    

Click on testimonials, and watch the :    http://thatradio.podhoster.com/index.php?sid=2910  

You can also find us on facebook group, FABULOUS FIT & FANTASTIC.

And at the end of the day, Wendy is still out there, helping women develop careers. She is with Personal Recruiting, assisting women to develop strong careers in the auto industry. With her 25 years experience in said field, there could not be a better person to guide you through the path to success in that business.

So, for all the Women of our World that may be seeking employment, in the auto industry, you can find Wendy here: www.autocareersgroup.com

LIVE with E-Women in the streets of Toronto!

Wendy with the awesome LISA NICHOLS

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A Celebration of Women™

sends our love and gratitude, as well as, our excitement to have  her on board.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WENDY – JULY 16th !!! Celebrate YOU!

Brava, Wendy Ladd!

A Celebration of Women

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