VERONICA – You Are Valuable


A New Message From VERONICA

You Are Valuable

“Often in the physical the value of the incarnation is dismissed by the linear person involved. It is imperative to understand that you as an energy having a human life is valuable to the soul.

The physical is not a smooth environment. It is easy to become over involved with the dramas, forgetting the relationship with one’s own soul. Poor choices, difficult times, and inadequate participation can contribute to the low esteem that many have for their current incarnation.

Realize that no matter what the circumstance your soul will seek the value of the experience. Of course it is better to be clear but even the most distorted difficult experience creates opportunity for the soul to evolve.

The most dire events can create the most growth. Your soul appreciates and values those moments no matter what they are.

We encourage you to accept this appreciation, thus creating a healthy ebb and flow of energy presents a new opportunity for its growth.

Attempt to find the clarity to think through each day. Create the ebb and flow energy that will make the journey more comfortable.

Know your worth.
Your soul does.”



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