VERONICA – Appreciation

A Message From VERONICA





“While one participates in the linear it is important to value what has been given from your eternal energy. Your life may be filled with drama but the intention of the soul is ever present. Your thoughts create the choices and the choices made determine how the linear is played out.


There is great confusion when more focus is given to the linear than the eternal energy. Definition of connection is often lost in what some perceive as a difficult incarnation. There can be a feeling of despair as one moves more into the drama instead of pausing to appreciate their soul.


Of course there are many schools of thought on the subject. Whilst honoring all of them we merely wish to point out the core energy needed to create one’s reality. It is extremely important to understand and appreciate the soul’s ability.


The soul being ever hopeful & energetic wishes to eliminate negativity and drama. If there is a separation the thought process can create negative moments. Thought is the tool to change and create your reality. Its connection with the soul energy is the key to opening a connection between them.



No matter what negative circumstances you find yourself in, a reversal is available through an appreciation of your soul energy.


How does one do that?


We would say forgiveness of the self for past negative choices and to seek a reconnection to the self. Instead of cursing one’s life perhaps a simple moment of gratitude for the life would be appropriate.


Nothing is gained from negativity. Seek the one good moment in your life. No matter what you feel there is always one good moment. Attach to the feeling of that energy & recreate the moment. Align with your soul. If given the opportunity it will redeem a negative perspective.



Appreciate the life your soul has created. It is special and unique. If you are unhappy a return to the soul is necessary.”



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