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Yesterday, we took the time to discuss the meaning of KUNDALINI in Women. Today , we will expand on this reality of life, and carry it through to the future of our world, our children. The teaching methods of SEX EDUCATION truly need an overhaul in our society. Our world is so focused on the act, the danger of pregnancy (result), the chance of disease (consequence), etc. , etc., etc…. What we, as a human race in our western society have forgotten to do, is to focus on the Primary Energy ignited through our own sexuality. The preparation of this Journey must take place prior to the teen-aged years, so Take Action and talk to your children ‘ the minute’ they ask a question, regardless of how young. Instead of them learning from sites such as Nu Bay.

KUNDALINI, the Power of God trying to awaken within us to be expressed as our own Self.

The Key to a successful progression into a healthy sexuality is the understanding of its purpose, power and source. The old school techniques, under the practice of ‘Do as I say; not as I do’ philosophy, taught teens that SEX as a teen, sex before marriage are not acceptable; that it was wrong, dangerous, dirty, etc. And the idea of frequenting sites such as watch my gf was strictly off limits.

What a horrible way to grow through adolesence years!

This only educates our young to develop an attitude that sex ‘is’ the forbidden fruit, making the act itself as focus of purpose. This is not true and our attitude and education must change… inside and aside from the purpose of procreation, our sexuality has a deeper meaning, and the act of sex is part of the Journey. It is the forces of energy that are ignited through the act of sex that must be addressed; as they are/can be extremely powerful, and not channelled with true understanding, one can get lost in the ‘feeling of power’. This opens a portal to the habitual manipulation of this sense of power and can lead one down some dark primal paths of destruction. ie. rape, addiction, etc. The dangers of sexual activity prior to emotional, mental and moral development is rooted with primal human instincts. The best explanation for timing this’ awakening’ in our youth that we have found is as follows:

‘If Kundalini is prematurely awakened before moral control is attained, there is a danger of stimulating the negative aspects. It is said that it is indeed far better for kundalini to remain dormant at the base of the spine until the individual has made definite moral development—until his will is strong enough to control the energy and his thoughts pure enough to face the awakening without any injury. Because if kundalini is aroused prematurely and without proper inner controls and moral fortitude, the energy may pass uncontrolled to excite the most undesirable passions–exciting them and intensifying their effects to such a degree that it becomes impossible for man to resist them.It may intensify evrything in (one’s) nature , and it reaches the lower and evil qualities more readily than the good.’

” There is no way to account for the power, exuberance, ecstasy, and longing of our middle and late adolescent period except through Kundalini. (Recall Thomas Wolfe’s writing of the “grape bursting in the throat” of the adolescent.) This is the power of God trying to awaken within us to be expressed as our own Self. This is the fourth chakra, the center of creation, which awakens, activates all the lower chakras and draws them upward, preparatory to moving ego on beyond all biological life. “

..as stated in From Magical Child to Magical Teen, A Guide to Adolescent Development

~ By (author) Joseph Chilton Pearce

Book: http://www.fishpond.com.au/product_info.php?id=9780892819966

WOMAN of ACTION, Siobhan Wilcox is an expert on Children’s Yoga, please feel welcome to make a connection with her at any time, and she will guide you and your teen through to best avenues of finding the balance that you seek …

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