Paralegal in Southern Ontario, Canada taking action Affordable Representation


All the Difference in the World”

Protect yourself with “Legal Representation”, in the Courtroom!

* Don’t get lost in the “system” alone, no need to Appear in Court!
* Landlord & Tenant Collections and/or Claims.
* Save your Driver’s License, Auto Insurance, Points, Traffic Tickets!

* SMALL CLAIMS- A/R- Collect Your Money {up to $25,000}.
* Court Representation strengthens Traffic Ticket Reduction!

Legal representation in our “system” makes all the difference in the world, when inside a courtroom. The fact that “protocol” deems more power than “ability” makes it prudent to hire representation on any matter that involves a courtroom.

Affordable Representation is now available in all the above areas.

  • Save energy, money and time by hiring your own Personal Paralegal to Represent you.
  • Up to 50% FEE REDUCTION available, when hiring a New Graduate, overseen by 10+ years of experience!
  • Collect Accounts Receivable for only 10% Fee……


We are expanding our offices, due to these changes in our “system”, and have today available to you New Graduates, overseen by more than 10+ years legal experience.

Call Mr. S. Whalen at: 647 828-6844


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* This post is for our Members in the GTA in Southern Ontario, CANADA.

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