FDA means Feet Divided Apart, Lynette Louise MS, BCN-T, CBS and self appointed PhD in M.O.M

I often feel as if I am standing with one foot in each camp: mainstream or alternative!

I believe in checks and balances and I am delighted that we have government bodies whose job it is to keep us safe from charlatans and life threatening drugs.

Unfortunately, in my experience the FDA doesn’t do that very well. In fact the more I look into it the more likely it seems that it will put us in harms way rather than keep us from it.

I work with neurofeedback and specialize in autism. Overall I see people being ineffectively, unnecessarily and dangerously drugged. Calming the nervous system can be accomplished via many good-for-the-brain-and-body approaches — why even proper breathing can change the heartbeat and calm the soul.

So why does the FDA allow – nay condone – all the constant pushing of psychopharmeceuticals while simultaneously strong arming raw milk producers ???

I don’t know. I do know that I don’t approve and have no desire to assist them in continuing down this path.

That being the case, you may be surprised to learn that I just left two voice mails and just as many emails offering to spy for them ” why?… well”  It’s because of my friend. I will keep her anonymous for the chain of events is ludicrous enough to be — at the very least – embarrassing.


1- She meets a group that advocates self-healing.
2- They proceed to point out all her flaws and advise her that she will feel healed at the cellular level if she purchases $800.00 enzymes.
3- She buys it — and the enzymes.
4- This rhythm continues for several meetings of pain and bottles of gold.
5- They tell her she needs to go to the “super scientist’ who is so amazing politicians sneak to see him. They explain that sneaking is necessary to keep the FDA from shutting down their operation. They tell her that this man is so brilliant he works at the Harvard lab and has carte blanche while all information is keep under wraps. They tell her his enzymes cure autism and recreate the person cell by cell.
6- She buys it — and the trip for $5000.00.
7- Because of my work and my family she shares the adventure with me. Maybe I could save all the autistics in the world. She seems calmer, happier, clearer. I don’t buy it. But I want to.
8- On the trip, she has a bad ‘ trip’. She takes the enzymes and is ostracized by the group. She breaks into a body rash and has a fetal position enzyme induced psychedelic psychosis experience. She comes round after 48 hours and makes friends with SUPERSCIENTIST!
9- Once home she takes more pills and seems again calmer. She has dropped three pant sizes and looks haggard, but happier. I am worried but want to believe.
10- She stays in touch with SuperScientist . He convinces her to come without the group and do a treatment alone. This seems safer to her because the group was cruel. He then shares that they– the cruel group– make a watered down version of his product for autistic children. That’s why he stays in contact. Unfortunately — he says — the FDA is trying to shut them down . All must be kept quiet.
11- She goes alone. He tells her that if they have sex he can collect cells from the combination of the two of the them. Then he can make a specially designed enzyme that will re-create her from tip to toe. He touts it as the fountain of youth. He does a handstand and claps repeatedly. This beautiful and extremely hard to bed woman buys it, the enzyme and the sex.
12- She comes home and tells me about it. She seems happier, healthier, harder to agitate. She is really skinny. She describes the enzyme experience. Sounds like acid.
13- The benefits wear off and she is still in touch with superscientist. She has a lot of financial problems and stress.
14- She does another trip but this time refuses to do a collection of vaginal juices and sperm. It is less effective.
15- She comes home almost the same as when she left. An enzyme mask for the face and cheek mole leave her looking very ill. She tells me of his many clients. MS, Autism, CP etc. I too have clients like this but I never tell them one pill will do it and then sell them many more.
16- He convinces her that she is so damaged she needs to invest in the super duper you really will be young now $17,000.00 treatment. She (whose only real diagnosis is lonely and living alone) sells her house and buys it.
17- This time I come along.
18- This is the part I can witness not just repeat.
19- We are in a hotel. I ask questions while sitting on the bed googling his answers. He has already given her a preparatory pill to help her sleep tonight. They are discussing “the collection’. None of his answers are grounded in science or even very logical. My distaste is obvious. Especially when he says he cures autism with one treatment but that my friend needs many. I offer my son for a treatment (free of course) to see if he is on to something. He evades my bluff.
20- She takes him to his place (he has no car and no office; just a home no one is allowed into) and he gives her a spoon of “preparatory enzymes’ in the car. They call and ask me to vacate the room so that he can do the collection.
21- 30 minutes later she drives him home. We go out that night. She understands that I don’t like the man but she has already transferred the $17,000.00 to his account and she knows I will support her choices.
22- The next day is like a bad dream gone nightmare. We pick him up. We cannot go into his house — not even for $17,000.00. So we head to a park. We wander around in the unrelenting heat looking for an appropriate spot. He hides in a bush, puts pellets on a spoon and she chews on them for five minutes. After a bit she begins to describe an acid type experience and we head for lunch at my insistence.
23- He sees me notice his hands and hides them under the table. The nail beds are white. I have seen this before but I can’t recall where. I ask about it and he says neither he nor any other scientist has been able to figure it out so it must just mean he is super healthy: after all he can clap while doing a hand stand against the wall. The minute we get back to the hotel I do a google search. Five minutes later, I find a picture of similar nails and see that the likelihood is he has hepatitis. Apparently, I am quite a scientist and he is possibly contagious.
24- I spend the night with my stoned friend who doesn’t sleep for 48 hours and send out emails to all the moms of ASD kids I know requesting info on the company he is associated with. Nobody has anything great to say and most report getting no results while paying a lot.
25- I agonize for several hours over my responsibility here. I have told my friend about the hepatitis. But how do I tell the other women he will “collect’ with? I call and email the very group I am often reporting on: the FDA.


And that is where it sits. No one at the FDA ever got back to me. I considered calling it “a good Samaritan attempt to do the right thing’ and move on BUT ” it ” just .. keeps ” eating ” at ” me.

Someone should stop him from hurting people and giving alternative medicine a bad name. I have always hated it when people “target autism’ to make a sale. I hate it — not because it is autism — but because they are targeting the desperate to make money while having no regard for the results. I hate it because it is unnecessary: Anything can be designed as a win-win instead of a win-lose.

So here I stand with Feet Divided Apart in a world wherein everyone is patching themselves together with pills. They take pills to sleep and pills to focus and pills to be happy and pills to lubricate joints, and pills to this and pills to that and they take these pills while raising fists of defense on both sides of the FDA issue.

Alternative pills are called supplements and mainstream’s go by the name of medicine. They all take pills as each side is pointing at the damage the other side creates. Up until this experience I was more frustrated by medicine than enzymes. Then I found myself standing lost in the issues. With Feet Divided Apart I began to realize that the whole world is peopled with patchwork participants needing to learn how to be woven from one cloth.

I travel the globe helping heal brains and attempt to bring that about.

Meanwhile, my friend has ended up happy. She is done with her “collecting youth’ addiction blindness and better off without the financial stress of her house. But that doesn’t mean that SuperScientist’s lonely MS lady or CP lady or TBI lady or mom of low functioning autistic will fair as well. That also doesn’t mean none of them will develop hepatitis. Hopefully they read this.

By Lynette Louise, WOMAN of ACTION™

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