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a fibroid journey

~ Sharon

A nurse told me, “…’fibroid pain’ is more painful then giving birth.”

In week 14 of my Pregnancy, is when it all went down. I found out I had these tumors with this horrible, horrible pain. The pain grew and grew, moved from the right lower area to the left full side (took about 5 days) of my belly and by time it went to the left side, I was in the hospital.

  • Nothing could touch my belly… no bed sheet, no bath water, no AIR!
  • No breeze blowing from the window…!
  • No clothing!

I had to breathe real slow and shallow for about 7 months. I couldn’t even yawn. I looked like a total freak :p, like i was having 15 babies. I was on hardcore drugs..oxxy and all that. I thought they were placebo pills. I never wanted to take pain meds… after all this, I was addicted 🙁 & after birth and surgeries, I took myself off them. It took a month to do so, addiction totally blows.

Will POWER!!!

I didn’t want my child to have a pill-pop’n it took a month to slowly get off the meds. I thankfully, had a c-section, and a hysterectomy.

Tell all women about having Ultrasound done,

to see if they have any tumors!!!

My belly always looked so big and always hurt and the doctors always told me to just increase my fiber. I started having tummy problems when I was around 12yrs old. I didn’t know non pregnant women could have ultrasounds.

  • Tell all women plz. *hugs* to anyone going threw this!
  • I kinda know how ya feel. keep your hopes up 🙂 !!!!!!
  • Get them taken out a.s.a.p.
  • Demand it if you must!!!!
  • Be blessed!

    the song is called:
    Angel Of Healing
    (Stephen Rhodes)
    found on youtube audio swap


    “…I guess this is just a “shot out” to all my peeps St.Johns Hospital in Detroit.

    They took great care of me and my baby!!!!!

    The nurses work so so hard.

    My doctor was the best!

    A very cool guy and his staff were all very cool as well 🙂

    I’m not christian, so to me angels and demons were and is all myth and how you perceive them to be.. for me hard working loving nurses and doctors are angels..and my baby is a total angel 🙂 beings of light and love in human flesh. Anyhow, if you have fibroids, you may never have pain… and some fibroids are extremely painful. ” Sharon.


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