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is honored to Celebrate the Life of yet another Amazing, Powerhouse of a Woman.

Beverly has been guided to devote her Life to the Coaching and Mind-shaping others. Her {E.F.T.} Philosophy is that Success is in the Action of “waking up from auto-pilot” in one’s life. With her own personal awakening behind her; she is now in the drivers seat, ready, willing and able to share this fact and has created amazing tools so to teach the teachers, as well.


Beverly Boston

Devote today to something so daring even you can’t believe you’re doing it.”

~Oprah Winfrey~

Beverly Boston champions the success of Solo-preneurs, Coaches, Consultants, and Spiritual Teachers so they can wake up from autopilot in their lives, and become the best version of themselves.

These personal transformational programs have impacted the lives of small business owners; stay at home mothers, and even multi-millionaires. Her clients consistently say, “I wish I had found you years earlier”, because what she offers is so powerful and makes such an impact on their lives.

Beverly is a Master Coach, Mentor, Blogger, Writer, Inspirational Speaker, the creator of the ” Big Thinking, Big Mind, Big Heart & Big Life ™ as well as “Wake Up From Autopilot-Your Life is Waiting ™”programs!

Over the years,

Beverly has earned business success by ‘Waking up from Auto Pilot’ herself,

applying her extensive training, and experience to her own life.

Everything she recommends to her clients is based on tips, strategies, intuition, energy psychology, and the Law of Attraction she has put to the test to earn unprecedented results for hundreds and hundreds of clients in her own thriving practice.

IF she could think outside of the box, take ‘Imperfect Action’ like Lucy, and become the best version of her, just imagine the possibilities for growing your own business when you invite her to apply her proven tips and strategies, and a winning track record to your own advantage!

Before launching her business, Beverly invested a lot of years working in corporations, management, coaching, mentoring, energy, psychology, client services, relocations, and real estate. She has coached top record breaking sales people with RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Prudential, DFH, Royal Le Page, Home Life, University of BC, and many more…

Beverly’s Education

Beverly is a Master Coach, became certified in several areas of coaching, and has mentored, studied, and master mined with a lengthy list of top marketers, business coaches, online strategists, Law of Attraction trainers, and energy psychology, and EFT (emotional freedom technique) leaders in their own fields.

Here the seeds for a promising career in coaching, mentoring, and consulting took hold. Beverly has been a life long learner; loves to read, participate in personal development programs, and learn and apply new skills to support others in their pursuit for fuller, richer lives and greater prosperity.

She also worked as an off-site coach, mentor and consultant with one of the largest coaching companies in North America for several years.

In this role, she gained an up-close and personal understanding of what worked, and what did not work in small businesses, and what Solo-preneurs struggled with or soared to unimaginable heights within their businesses and where their unseen limits kept them small and hiding.

Five Things About Beverly That Might Surprise You…

  • As a teen, Beverly watched every single I Love Lucy episode many times over. She loved how vibrant, valued and vital the show was each week. She enjoyed how Lucy, Ethel, Fred and Ricky coached each other every week to become better people and live a fuller like in their own unique way.

  • She wanted to be spontaneous and have all the fun filled adventures that Lucy and Ethel had.

  • It is not wonder that waking up from autopilot to have ” Big Thinking, Big Mind, Big Heart & Big Life ™ and showing great leadership is something Beverly approaches with great passion.
  • In Beverly’s mid-twenties she walked into a room where a neighbor had a kitchen knife to the throat of his four year old daughter. She used humor, intuition, timing and exaggerated gestures that she learned from the I Love Lucy Show to coach the father into putting the knife down. She then calmly sat down and had a cup of tea with him and the little girl while the police were on their way. Even after he was locked up, he remained a loyal fan of hers because she coached him out of doing something that would change his future forever.

  • Beverly is gi-normous Maya Angelou fan. Maya Angelou is a renowed poet, author, playwright and humanitarian. She has read all of her memoirs, essays and poetry books, including her recipe books, and has listened to all of her show on Oprah’s radio station. Her dream was to hear Maya speak at a live event, and she did, and it was the most riveting, compelling, sit on the end of your chair two hours of her life. Her dream is to meet Maya in person and then interview her on her upcoming radio show she is in the midst of creating.

  • Beverly loves to drive go-carts and has recently graduated to race cars. She has been driving go-carts since her teens and loves the freedom, relaxation, and the thrill of being able to go as fast as she wants. Legally of course! Beverly uses the metaphor of go-carts to illustrate bigger thinking. She recently went to Las Vegas, and was introduced to race car driving for the public. Now, that she has experienced race car driving first hand, she will never look back! This allowed her to use the metaphor for bigger thinking to remind her when make decisions.

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is among Beverly’s favorite classic, business books.

For many years, Beverly spent an extensive amount of time figuring out ways to help people get what they really want quickly and affordable.

Those insights and lessons still inform her work today.

With an emphasis for Solo-preneurs to ‘wake up from autopilot’…

Beverly’s work is helping people feel more highly energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and spiritually aligned…

Beverly was an accomplished Multi-Award Winning Top Salesperson in real estate, small business owner, and had a 6 year stint as an independent off-site coach with one of the top coaching companies in North America.

Beverly helped people find the Courage and Confidence

to build Sustainable Businesses that multiplied their Income 10 Times Over!

She loves working with clients who are

committed to making a contributions” globally.

Her high integrity, intuition, humour, enthusiastic and unique approach to her coaching and mentoring have helped build trusted long term relationships with hundreds and hundreds of clients around the world from every industry imaginable. She has coached and mentored some of the most brilliant Big Thinkers, and is consciously committed to make a difference .

…from ‘I Love Lucy’


‘Wake Up From Autopilot’ Expert!

Beverly’s VIP coaching, mentoring, training, speaking, programs and products, started several years ago with a desire that by now is almost a synonym for “classic model” and got that way by doing all the things that others weren’t doing, or thought they weren’t supposed to do, to create a sustainable business.

Beverly thought outside of the box like they did on the I Love Lucy Show in its time.

Typically, my cherished clients are … strong, empowered women, Solo-preneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Healers and Spiritual Teachers who realize the desire for real change. They are ready to massively improve their Law of Attraction results!

You couldn’t have a female star that was both attractive and funny. You couldn’t have her male lead be an urban Latino –playing those devil conga drums at that!– whose Cuban accent was thicker than a platter of ropa vieja. You couldn’t for God’s sake build a story line around (gasp) pregnancy. The shows are still watched and modeled around the world today.”

She can also show you how to Contribute Your Areas of Strength;

substantially increase your Quality of Life, and Long Term Vision.

Beverly is also the author of the series, “What is a Big Thinker, with a Big Mind, Big Heart, and a Big Life?” that helps Solo-preneurs who want to break free of unseen limits, blocks, and barriers. She helps people become bigger thinkers, play more, make more money, and have a renewed excitement for life while becoming the best version of them.

Beverly writes a weekly “Big Thinker” eZine, blogs, about waking up form autopilot, uses energy psychology and the next generation of Law of Attraction to show you how to become a bigger thinker regularly at:

For more information about Beverly, or to discuss working together, call now while you are thinking about it 604-727-4363 or email .


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A Celebration of Women

is so very pleased to have this ‘big thinker’ inside our world,

while thinking ‘outside the box’, available for the Women of our World.

Brava, Beverly!


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