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Scientists claim that we are only using a tiny fraction of our mind power. What would it be like if we accessed most of our mind’s potential? I believe that we would be able to heal ourselves and the planet completely.

People are already using the healing power of their minds to heal their bodies. I believe that you can too.

Guided meditations are some of the best to start your healing journey with. This is because you have a guide. Some of them are also created to target specific things that you would like healed. Guided meditation can be excellent for healing chronic pain, emotional pain and for people who are immobilized.

Getting quiet and focusing are also easier with guided imagery.

Another approach is to join a group. Being in a meditation group can give you a sense of belonging. And most groups are free or by donation. Check for meditation classes in your area. Your local paper may have listings.

The inner glow of your universe can be your strength in times of turmoil and pain.

This life has many trying times. You may be in pain, you may be in sorrow, you may be experiencing great loss. Suffering is painful. And only you know when you are ready to heal.

Healing meditation can help you explore your inner universe. It can offer you hope and comfort. Meditation is a way out of suffering that has survived the dark night of time.

Use healing meditation when the time is right for you to explore planets of peace and galaxies of healing.

You have the potential to access your healing power. Whether it is guided meditation or a few quiet moments of solace, meditation is a simple, yet powerful tool.

Make contact with the potential of your own being…

Your consciousness is arranged into layers of depth. As you increase the power of your consciousness more and more, it will become easier on all fronts to dramatically enhance your manifestations, level of success and everything else associated with achievement.


It is vital on all fronts that you learn to understand the lessons below. This is the wisdom of the ages, and it is here now for you, to fully utilise and access.

1. Consciousness, When It Grows, Influences Physical Events

That is, it influences the mind of others, so that they act in a way which helps your goals to come about. When the mind is fully focused on what it is doing, and isn’t wandering from place to place, you can access that power. Completely accept that consciousness can grow in power, and that can influence the physical world around you. YOU attract WHAT You think!

2. Consciousness Has Many Levels

This is exactly what all the religious scriptures of old have been saying for thousands of years. That is, consciousness is the nature of things. Mind is everything, everywhere and sees, knows, interprets and feels everything. This has had many names throughout the ages and science is working fruitlessly to uncover the great mysteries of consciousness. Consciousness is the final frontier. To get to those levels, the thought must be kept in a certain way. Thought is consciousness itself. By binding the thoughts (ie by thinking single mindedly), we also bind the consciousness accordingly. This creates enormous changes which can affect your whole life incredibly quickly and powerfully. YOU are WHAT You THINK.

3. To Strengthen The Thought Allows For The Consciousness To Grow

The way to strengthen the thought is to have yourself totally focusing on what you are doing, and not to wander with your mind at any time. You must be living fully in the moment, and placing your whole attention on what you are doing, as you are doing it. This acts as a laser which etches and ingrains a certain reality onto your physical environment. The effects of this are incredibly profound, as you are gradually and completely changed from the inside out. By focusing directly on what you are doing and stopping the mind from wandering in any way, you will establish an incredibly profound state of mind which creates manifestation within minutes. The mind will be so focused and in such a concentrative state that it becomes easy to naturally establish enormous control over the reality around you. BEing PRESENT is the Gift!

VIDEO MEDITATION: BeHealedForever, Shirlee Hall

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