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is heartwarmed to Celebrate the Life of this Survivor that rose above her adversities, took Action and now devotes her life to helping other women that may need some guidance to find their own dignity, hope and strength.

Today, Lorna’s work involves public speaking and coaching Women.




Lorna Blake

“We help people who want to achieve their goals and dreams to clarify their goals and create a 90 day ‘Action Plan’. We also specialize in helping women who are unhappy with their lives… Women who have left themselves off their own priority list and or women who spend so much time working they’ve stoped being creative or productive.”




Lorna Blake came into the world like a shrinking violet…as she refers.





Born to a teen mom, she learned very early that her father had abandoned her before she was born.


That knowledge left her feeling that there was something wrong with her.



When she was eight years old she was sexually abused, blamed herself and kept it a secret her entire childhood.  



As a young adult, she attracted more abuse in her first relationship as she stayed for several years and even married the man. It was while leaving that relationship she discovered a personal development program that helped change her perception of herself and transformed her life! 


CJ and Jaedon taking a rest on the hiking trail, today….all grown up!

She went to university as a mature student and graduated with honours; while becoming a mother of two.



She has worked as a Coordinator in Social Services, is trained as a broadcast journalist and has taught students on two continents. Having lived and worked in South Korea as a teacher for 2-1/2 years,


Lorna fulfilled one of her childhood dreams!



Since then, Lorna has been on a mission to help women worldwide begin to know themselves, love themselves and reclaim their power!

As owner of LJ Empowerment Consulting – a Life Coaching/Consulting business, she specializes in empowering people to take charge of their lives and create their best life possible.

She is described as powerful, engaging and passionate.

Her programs and presentations empower minds, heal heart and motivate clients to Take Action!

As Life Coach and Speaker, she uses strategies to help clients overcome self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits. She inspires them to find themselves, love themselves and to go after their dreams with all they’ve got.

“You were born to be great!”

is her signature style and personal motto.


She’s written an e-Course on self-empowerment and is a featured author in the number one best seller The Gratitude Book Project.

The Assertiveness Basics E-Course


This 6 week e-Course is designed to help you create powerful shifts in your thinking, empower yourself and take charge of your life! The Assertiveness Basics Course incorporates a unique blend of visual, audio and experiential exercises. Filled with simple but powerful everyday activities and role-plays, as you practice and include these strategies in your life each week you will see results! 

“11 brilliant women from many different backgrounds who are living the life of their dreams will help you CREATE the life you dream of. Now is the time you wake up the genius within you to own, empower, create and live a life you love.” Get ready to start your New Year off fired up and ready to take inspired action to own and empower your life for the best decade of your life.” 


Empowered Women Teleretreat Series – Clip 1   



Empowered Women Series:


Shrinking Violet: http://billalger.deviantart.com/art/Shrinking-Violet-vs-Ladybug-191118442



A Celebration of Women™

sends our blessings and support to this amazing Woman of Strength; with Gratitude in our hearts that she is here to help the Women of our World.



Brava Lorna!

A Celebration of Women



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