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Christina Seibold

Born on 30 March 1966 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the graphic artist Christina Seibold understands the pieces around her in close relation to her own emotions and synaesthetic perceptions as the core around which she weaves spherical worlds of experience and condenses them into lively, many-facetted art prints. The eye can wander and always discover something new.


Intimately in concert with her own emotions, the synaesthetic graphic artist Christina Seibold perceives her role as an intermediary between haptical sensuousness and optical pleasure.

Born in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) on the 30th of March in 1966, loves two daughters (16 and 24) she illustrates, by virtue of her multifaceted art prints, the animated realities endemic to both of these spheres.

Just like the house of my Grandparents says Christina.

Journey takes her to London…

Together with her, the viewer embarks upon a literally touching voyage,

witnessing how these realities synaesthetically articulate themselves anew within her.

The Creations

Resplendent with expressive power, these creations recite passages from a tangible world of forms that Christina Seibold dismantles and reshapes inextraordinarily subtle fashion .

Such perceptible contours and forms capture the eyes of the observers, and they soon find themselves immersed in the sheer depths of these energies. With each fathom of new depth, they reveal a fantastic inner world inhabited by dynamic forces.

For much more than a decade, Christina Seibold allows her digital graphics to assume their respective forms. Indeed, she regards this method as the ideal means of portraying the visual poetry that lends so much soul to spaces. Their density and their abundance of expression are fascinating, but they make neither an excessive nor an adversely intrusive impression.


Christina Seibold is one of the Founders and the Vice Chairwoman of

Artists for Freedom a global art alliance.

Christina Seibold says:

“We commit our ideals and vision to the support of victims of Global Human Trafficking and modern-day Slavery – worldwide. We want the world to be aware of the facts and reality connected to the misery of the stolen lives and future of the women and children suffering without the means to be free.

We will help to build that road to freedom in anyway we can, because we believe in the power of art and the human right of freedom for everybody.”



Working for Children, as well….


Christina is a Founder of an Art Initiative named: ArSenu.

In cooperation with jewellery designers and sculptors, she developed an interdisciplinary project in which art prints, each corresponding to a particular piece of jewellery (beginning with the work “Expression”), were created.

Arsenu Celebration…

This artistic project was honoured by the PININFARINA ADVANCEMENT AWARD

Take what already exists, change it and translate it into new forms and materials. Art is always in motion and in a state of flux. It is a self-transforming expression of life that gives a visible form to emotions.

In the dialogue with old and new masters of the fine arts, the artist group ArSenu – Art and Emotion has used techniques of the 21st Century to create modular art elements in a great variety of styles and materials. These merge into an integrated total work of art.

A multi-layered act of transformation and reciprocal stimulation creates

– Exclusive jewelry from the collection of Wolfgang Nutz
– High-quality limited edition art by Christina Seibold
– Sculptures in different materials.

Each art element is a unique piece that harmoniously fits into the overall work of art. This results in possibilities for impressive presentations combining people and space in private, public and business environments, suspending the boundaries between art and reality.

Art belongs not only in museums and galleries. Art belongs where people spend most of their time – at home and at work.

All of the art elements allow freedom for individual preferences and can be purchased individually or as a total work of art.

Christina’s Favourite Quote: ‘Art is a step from what is obvious and well-known toward what is arcane and concealed’. -Khalil Gibran

“What we do for ourselves dies with us.

What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Ich bin froh meine wenigen Freunde als Vertraute bezeichnen zu können/dürfen.So verrückt sie Anderen auch scheinen mögen, für mich sind sie im Unterbewussten “Auserwählte”. Christina Seibold – September 2009 Nimm die Steine, die dir in den Weg gelegt werden und baue eine Brücke daraus…. das ist meine Lebensweisheit.

Die meisten denken, ich muss wahnsinnig sein, bei all dem was ich versuche auf die Beine zu stellen und vieles unglaublicher Weise gelingt. Wahnsinnig wäre, es nicht zu versuchen… – Oktober 2009~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

With a close relationship to her own emotions and inspiring music, lively, many-faceted digital graphics are created that allow the eye to wander and continually discover something new.

Christina Seibold presents inner realities in her pictures that move her and express themselves in a new way within her. Time and again, these works created with emotional power reveal „quotes“ from a concrete world of forms that Christina Seibold dissolves and changes in an extraordinarily subtle way. Such discernible contours and forms open up to the observer‘s eye as he or she becomes immersed in the depths of these energetic works. Then they disclose a fantastic inner world in which dynamic forces are at work.

A look at the art prints divulges their spontaneity and emotionality, as well as their inwardly directed contemplation or the vivid design of deep, ardent worlds of feelings. As a dynamic counteracting force, the exciting sweeps that the graphic artist blends into her works frequently have an effect in the exhibits.

For Christina Seibold, letting her graphics assume their form is a means for depicting the visual poetry that succeeds in lending soul to spaces. These fascinate the viewer in their density and abundance of expression but never make an overpowering impression.

Christina Seibold is a co-founder of the artist group ArSenu/Z11-Primo. Here she created in collaboration with jewelry designers a unique visual work (Expression) fits into a piece of jewelry. The echo in professional circles and the audience was furious.


2nd Place Award :: Christina Seibold / Germany Sound of swinging symphony 2007, giclee on fine art canvas, 70 X 100cm €950,00 euro

Art Awards:

  • „Vielfalt Digitaler Kunst 2008“ for her art work “Hope”
  • Honorable Mention Winner of the DIGITALISM I 2008, New York for her art work “Hope”
  • Honorable Mention Winner of the On-line/On-wall Double Exposure 2008, New York, for her art work “unchained melody”
  • 2nd Place Award Digital Realities, January 2009 ARTROM, Rom/Italy for “Sound of swinging symphony”
  • Listed in „Who’s Who in Visual Art“ Vol. 2010-2011
  • 100 Artists in Painting, GraphicArts, Digital Arts, Sculpture
  • Participation in exhibitions with national and international participation:
  • MOCA Museum New York, Galerie inBgriff, Berlin, Salon del Arte, World Market Center, Las Vegas, Art Domain Galerie, Leipzig, Saatchi Gallery, London, Frankfurt/Main, Kunst in der Kanzlei SBS, Dortmund, Schmuckwelten – Designwelten, Pforzheim, Kunstlege Hohenegg (Allgäu), Leipzig, Siegen, Göppingen, Northeim, Kunstforum Salzburg (Austria), Grenzenlos Feldkirch (Österreich), int. Kunstmesse, Salzburg….
  • A variety of art works owned by private collectors all over Europe and in the U.S.A. (New York, Philadelphia/PA).


My two daughters, my Passion of Art, sports, music, booksArt Project “Artists for Freedom” is coming soon .

What exhibitions are good at the moment?

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Christina Seibold – 1. Vorstandsvorsitzende / Projektleitung

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