WOMEN in RECOVERY – Playfulness

It is time to have Fun and Play.

Laughing and having fun relaxes you.Your Higher Power wants you to know


gives you an inflow of Ideas,

Spiritual Connections, Divine Guidance, and Energy.

Your Energy and Positive Personality attracts wonderful and helpful people to you.

Explore with Leela…….

Leela means it is the path of the playful. When I say playfulness we are not here just to play; we are here to explore the most profound and the most serious aspects of life, but playfully.” Sadhguru


Leela – the Path of the Playful

In a legendary, one-of-a-kind program that took place at Isha Yoga Center in September 2005, Sadhguru led a group of Isha meditators on an enigmatic, enthralling journey to explore the multifarious dimensions of Krishna through Leela – The Path of the Playful.

Designed and executed with astonishing attention to every little detail, the week-long program unfolded amidst ever-changing breathtaking settings, transforming the entire premises into mystical landscapes.

Stunning artistic and cultural performances – dance, music, theatre – infused life into this wonderland. This sensual exuberance was but a playful way of setting the mood to experience the Consciousness that we refer to as Krishna, through powerful meditation processes, conducted by Sadhguru.


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