Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’t’s

Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’t’s

Making Your Lover Happy

For some, Valentine’s Day is the loveliest day of the year, for others, it is distinctly unappealing. Whichever way you feel about the day, here are some good ways to stay out of trouble with your lover when everything around you is hearts and flowers.


1. Get in the spirit of the day. Even if saints aren’t your thing, and cheery messages are like nails on a blackboard, pick up a sweet bouquet for your wife, your husband, your mom, or Uncle Clyde. Just let someone know you care, and the love will return three-fold.

2. Shop wisely. You can afford a shooting star of a gift if you look for sales. December is not the only time of year for merchants to covet your business.

3. Plan your Valentine outing as a private affair. If you want to impress your heart’s dearest, this might not be the day to double date or party with your 35 closest friends.

4. Do something very personal. If it’s a gift, make it one that’s all about your love. Music you’ve danced to, tickets for a play you’re both dying to see, a weekend at a couples spa, or a psychic reading of your past lives together.

5. Select a gorgeous card. It isn’t out-of-fashion to present greeting cards. Some recipients frame and hang them. Some people keep cards forever, seeing them as a true expression of affection. Is it so tough to stop at a card shop?


1. Before you decide to buy your best guy or girl the sexiest underwear in town, make sure they’re in to the sultry scene. Nothing falls flatter than an erotic gift to someone who doesn’t want to play.

2. Don’t expect a gift in return. Give from the heart – then bask in the glow of making someone happy. If your partner doesn’t produce a present, settle for a sweet kiss and a huge hug.

3. Do NOT return the present your Valentine picked out for you so you can get something you really want. Come on – this is all about love, not acquisition!

4. Whatever you do, don’t forget the day is coming. If your loved one says, “Oh, I never care about Valentine’s,” that may be a sure sign that he/she has been disappointed before and figures they will be again. Change their mind!

5. If you’re in a new or undefined relationship, don’t give an inapporpriate gift. Make sure the gift or card suits the character of your relationship. If you go over-the-top, you risk embarrassment, or even a quick end to a new pairing.

Valentine’s Day is centuries old, and there are as many ways to celebrate it as there are hearts in the candy stores. Candy and flowers are still, believe it or not, the preferred gifts, but have a terrific time expressing yourself and matching your lover’s personality to your celebration. If you simply hate the day and can see no reason for its existence, try meeting some like-minded friends for dinner, and enjoy the notion that spring is not far behind.


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