Yvonne Buluma Samba – WOMAN of ACTION

A Celebration of Women

is honored to Celebrate the Life of yet another Amazing Women, this time from the United Kingdom via Kenya. When asked, her reply was humble saying;

“I haven’t battled any diseases or faced profound terrors, but to be where I am has taken a lot of Sacrifice and Teamwork; for myself as well as for those Believing in Me.”

This Woman shares the following Mantra…when helping others.


‘Possibility to Probability’


Yvonne Buluma Samba

My name is Yvonne Samba and is a WOMAN of ACTION that can take you from …

‘the Brink of Possibility to the Path of Infinite Probability…’

“…voracious Learner…” Within that I am an author,  property investor, wealth champion, marketeer and most importantly a voracious learner of anything which will assist me in blasting through my goals.


I was born in Nairobi, Kenya,


in a home where we did not have much money nevertheless we were happy……..

Nairobi in the Morning…

I still always wanted more, was just never sure what that was.


Walking to school, I would pass some lovely homes and I would tell myself I will have one better.

I would pass lovely cars and think, mine will be better!

‘Anyone know what I mean?’

On reading a book by Napoleon Hill- Think and Grow Rich and listening to the secret my life begun to align in the way I had always dreamt.

“I follow a Simple Philosophy

which encompasses

My Definition of a ‘successful entrepreneur’.”

‘Take care of yourself…’

Build the Systems to give you the Lifestyle and Income…

You Need and Desire…

‘Take care of your Children…’


Leave a Financial Legacy and Education, to provide your Children with Freedom.

Take Care of Everyone Else…

Make a difference,

teach others to change the rules, design their lifestyle and live it now.

And if you’re wondering,

YES, the order is important too.

I think if you can do all this you will be Healthy, Wealthy and Fulfilled.

It’s been a Journey, for sure…


Highs, lows and highs again….

What I discovered was there are specific skills you need to develop and master, there are specific actions you need to take and of course there are ways of thinking about wealth and TIME, which you need to embrace successfully.”

One of the biggest lessons I got was you can’t do it on your own. Surround yourself with the right people. So, if any of what I’ve said resonates with you, then stay in touch and make sure you…

Join Me and let us take this Journey together!

Right now, You’re standing on the Brink of your Possibility.

It’s time to seek out Your Destiny…’

It’s time to see and achieve one goal after another with a clear-headed and confident stride … no matter how big you might think that goal to be.


I have lots to share for I came from literally nothing to where I am today, all with a dream and nothing else much:

Affiliation: BOB PROCTOR, WEALTH DRAGONS, Location: Iver, United Kingdom, SL0 0DPPhone: +447961637277


A Celebration of Women

shares in the Faith, appreciates the Goal & sends our Love!


BRAVA Yvonne!

A Celebration of Women

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