A couple of weeks ago, I was with a wonderful woman who lives on the Sunshine Coast – Roslyn Uttleymore. She and her husband run a raw food health school and it’s well worth visiting their site to see some REALLY yummy recipes of food that you would NEVER believe was raw!
I have made many of the delicious things that she so generously shares and am even converting my husband! LOL
I learned something very simple but very valuable when I was there.
She has a little note up on her wall I think from Serge King that says:
1. Bless the present
2. Trust yourself
3. Expect the best
How powerful are those three little statements?
Imagine if you lived life according to them!
Firstly, bless the present. That means we have to be aware of the present – which means BEING present!
No bringing the past in to taint this moment.
No worrying about things that have not happened yet.
No focusing on how bad things are, because you are too busy blessing this moment as perfect – for whatever reason , it just IS!
If you are not happy with the moment – you can of course change it at any moment – by changing your behavior!
It also means intently listening to someone else and not having an ongoing dialogue inside your head where you are planning your defense or attack – and you are really only listening for the GAP in the other persons words so you can leap in with your volley!
It means asking yourself ‘what does this person REALLY want from me and then looking and listening for signs from them.
The present is really all you have! The past is in your brain and body. The future obviously is not here yet. So that’s it – the present – might as well make the most of it!
Anger, resentment, fear, jealousy, disappointment, frustration and other negative emotions are all from the past. They are not really relevant to this moment.
Debbie – our spiritual mentor ( says that after 3 minutes, whatever happened is in the past and should be let go!
It is SO easy to write about this stuff – I believe it all in my heart – and to actually DO it is another thing! LOL
It requires us to wake up! Wake up to where we are and how we are feeling and thinking and to then stop all the past and future garbage and actually BE present and then no matter what it is like – bless it!
It was an amazing day of revelations yesterday! After I saw Ros, I went to see Jeremy Donovan, an extraordinary aboriginal speaker, artist and healer who lives nearby. (
He is also amazingly talented with an incredible story.
When he stands on stage and speaks the room is spellbound – and when he says a prayer in aboriginal, it’s just – well, words can’t describe the beauty of it, and you should feel what it is like to be treated with a didgeridoo – the vibration is FANTASTIC and so healing.
So, back to my newsletter!
We had a session that highlighted for me the issue of trusting myself! Many of you know The Joy Project is now alive! We launched the website just before Christmas and I have been told by several people that it will be huge – and I have had that feeling myself.
Our mission to eradicate fear and create one million joy tribes before the end of the year is something that I had, until yesterday, found overwhelming! And I was struggling and not really moving ahead.
I had to work quite diligently to stop the negative old patterns kicking in – the words and feelings that I was not good enough or would not be able to cope; the fears around how things would change once it took off and all sorts of other little issues that came up.
I remember years ago in Dallas – coming home from the beautiful church we used to go to and crying – well sobbing really! And I had no idea why! I thought I must have been much lonelier than I realized! (Want to read something funny! I actually mis-typed “lovelier’ than I thought!! Don’t tell me there is not divine intervention all the time!!)
Anyway, I arrived home having no idea what to do so I thought I would read the Bible but of course I couldn’t see anything as I was crying too much!
But suddenly, I realized I was feeling desperately overwhelmed with the HUGE task I knew I had to do with no idea of what it was or when I would be doing it. Sinking into this revelation …I suddenly felt or heard an amazingly loving presence that said “do you think God is going to give you a task and not give you the people and resources and capacity to do it?
Instantly, I thought a sheepish ‘no’ and stopped crying. I hope you are not reading this and judging me – you are free to believe in what you like – and can substitute God with your higher self, Buddha, Allah, Spirit, The Universe, Source – whatever works for you.
Since then, I have noticed changes! LOL
Especially since yesterday I have made an effort to trust myself, and my ‘knowings’.
Which brings me to the other part of trusting yourself – have you ever had a sense of KNOWING something is true or right or what you need to be doing? It’s different from thinking or judging. It comes from deep in your heart/ gut – or as the aborigines say, when the wisdom of the gut overlies the wisdom of the heart.
Trust that sense of ‘knowing’. It’s you!
Listen for it. Feel it. It’s your truth!
How many people do you know who always expect the worst?
They use phrases like “with my luck….”; “I never win anything /find carparks / succeed/ have fun/ make good grades/ do well in crowds”
I could go on forever with the terrible things people say to themselves about themselves and their situations!
If this is you – STOP IT!
These are habits. Patterns of language you have been using for a long time.
Toddlers and young children don’t walk around miserably mumbling junk like this!
We pick it up along the way when at a vulnerable moment, someone has said something to us or we just succumbed to negative thinking!
If you are in a relationship and you constantly expect the other person to be in a bad mood or out to attack you or to hurt you or be rude to you or aggressive or distant or cruel – guess what? They probably will be because…..
We do not see reality. Have you ever seen that youtube clip from a university where they had about 10 people playing basketball. The professor asks the students to count the number of times the ball passes from person to person.
At the end of the short clip, the professor asks how many times and the students duly answer. Then he asks who saw the gorilla!
In the middle of the clip, a man dressed in a gorilla suit, walks smack through the middle of the players – it is SO obvious – ONCE you know the story! If you looked at the clip now, you would immediately see the gorilla – because you will be expecting to see it.
The first time I saw it, I did not see the gorilla! LOL
Be careful, VERY careful, of your expectations. Most of us have no idea we even have them – they lurk in the background of our consciousness, impacting every aspect of our beings.
Take some time after you read this to explore your expectations around yourself, your colleagues, boss, job, partners, children, parents, siblings – everyone in your life! Make a few notes and you might be surprised,
If you write your usual expectations down, examine how many are positive and how many not so positive!
Go forth today and in every situation, in every person, in every relationship – expect the best!
These three little shifts in your focus will change your life!
Remember, we create what we focus on.
Today your mission …….should you choose to accept it…is to go forth and from now on:
Bless the present
Trust yourself
Expect the best!
Write to me and tell me what happens! You can also make comments on our blogs
our Joy Project blog page and also sign up for the JOY U for $1 a day you can rewire your brain, and teach it to operate in a way that brings you joy, fulfillment, love and lots more!
Until next month!
ZOOTIES FROM ME! And thanks for reading and being on my list!
OOH i just remembered – I have a new blog site as part of the joy project! If you would like to see my latest posts or to sign up – click on Amanda’s Blog

PS Just back from 2 weeks in the USA and attached some photos from my trip! Well they are not attached – they are in the side column!!
The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) was amazing – their crystals defy description! And it was wonderful to see all my adopted Godchildren over there!

PPS Sign up for Ken’s newsletter on his website below! On a completely different topic! If you are a leader who wants a more engaged and productive team then another book you canlook at is my husbands! He wrote The People Pill after 40 years of leadership excellence! And it was awarded a Gold medal in the leadership category of the Axiom awards over Seth Godin’s book Tribes and Peter Druckers posthumous book! Needless to say I am very proud!



I have just returned from New Zealand and hope that everyone reading this will say a prayer or send loving thoughts to the people of Christchurch. There are 20,000 of you and I suspect that if we all sent a loving thought or prayer it would make a difference. Hope you don’t mind me asking!

The Joy U – our own online learning program is live! You can study one pillar of joy at a time – and at the same time you will be rewiring your brain for joy.
Each pillar goes for about 15 days and requires very little time commitment – but can dramatically change your life!
Look at what my husband wrote about it!
“Being closely involved as Amanda’s husband from when she started writing the book, I felt that that my role was to check for “clunky” bits, as I was familiar with the content and the process. Well! Was I pleasantly surprised, going through the daily exercises was beyond powerful, it was profound. I found not only did I learn a lot about myself, but it was also inspiring to read the joy jottings of my joy mates. It made a difference as I could really feel what they were experiencing because they wrote from the heart and it was spiritually uplifting”
and i didn’t pay him to write that!! LOL
Jules wrote
“Today I have felt more sensitive than usual to other people’s anger and fear. Is it because I am learning more and more not to be in that space myself and so when it shows up on someone else it creates a strong reaction in me? So Day 2’s teachings help me to see the gift in this awareness of others emotions .”
Aviva wrote:
“joy is bubbling up inside me. I feel an excitement that has been missing for quite a while. I am optimistic. I am treating myself with more love and respect and kindness. I am enjoying listening to others and being heard. I am cleaning the cobwebs out of the corners of my mind, opening up the shutters on my eyes. I am not living in a fantasy world but in my joyful reality! thank you for an amazing week!!”
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The Gospel of Joy is one of my favorite books and I read a lot. It not only makes you smile when you read it, but it makes you reflect on how you treat others. Amanda has been a “gift of joy” in my life. After reading it, you can’t help but share so many aspects of the book with others. Linda M.
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