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is pleased to Celebrate, with Our Women, a Brave, Caring and Strong Woman who rose above Challenges and found her way:


Corinna Zaccone

In her own words, she describes her Journey and shares her Mission so to inspire all women…and, when A Celebration of Women inquired about her interest, her modesty would only afford her the following reply:

“I do appreciate your interest!

I LOVE to share my Mission, what it stands for, and how I got involved.”

Corinna continues “I’ve lived in so many places in my life and had all sorts of jobs.

‘Job’ has definitely become a dirty word for me!

It wasn’t until I became a mother at a late age in life, with no husband, that I realized I may need to change my strategy a bit in order to Survive and Support my precious God~given angel from heaven.

You see I wasn’t at a very good place in my life when she was born and I had cried out to God 5 years prior for help from Him because I was feeling so alone and angry and just full of despair. I believe He answered my cry with that little bundle of pure joy; but………

I had absolutely no way to take care of her or any place to live.

…even with these circumstances I was never so happy in all my life!

It took 5 more years to wipe the smile off my face. I still smile of course; but when reality set in eventually, I knew that it was time to DO something about my life. I ended staying at my mother’s house; where I am now still at this point, in the middle of a cornfield and my options were “nil to nothing”.

So…I sat down at the computer, using my unemployment checks to get a better internet connection and began researching online businesses.


As anyone who’s ever used the internet for anything, we all know just how much ‘stuff‘ is out there. I needed something that worked, for real. At first, I thought I wanted something that would pay me big right away and then, I could walk away for a while and have some time to think and decide.

Thank God for God, and getting saved 3 1/2 years ago, baptized this past Palm Sunday, because God helped me avoid some huge scams and finally settled me in one a good, legitimate, REAL opportunity. One that not only could I stand to support me and my daughter for a long time; but, also was built on Biblical Principles!

Now this was something I could stand for!

I was immediately excited and remain excited even today. No, I haven’t made a million yet, but the one thing I learned about succeeding online that I know is the key, the secret, the formula for success, is finding a company you can believe in, something you can be excited about even if no one else is, something that combines with your heart and gives your mind the ability to have a strong vision, one that will stick with you even when you’re not logged in.

That company for me is Mandura…..

Mandura is a young, debt~free online [as well as offline] opportunity that embodies so many great ideals and precepts about health, wealth, and helping others

Yes, Mandura is a juice company with headquarters in Florida. The Mandura beverage is comprised of Durian fruit and Mangosteen and Brazilian Acai berry and the North American Blueberry. Why another health drink? Research shows that the average American does not consume the recommended daily dosage of fruits. Plus the fruit that is eaten is often too ripe or not ripe enough to give the proper nutrition. Mandura combines four of the most nutrient rich and potent fruits. Mandura ensures that the ingredients are harvested at the proper times. Mandura has combined the four fruits to create a perfect nutritional balance.

You can’t go wrong with a company objective like that, especially, when Mandura is a REAL company, world~wide in fact. Mandura isn’t like so many other mlm’s out there or so-called ‘mentoring’ information that just confuses people who just want a simple easy plan to prosper with. I really did some digging to find this gem and I haven’t found a single bad thing about it anywhere on the net. I google it everyday myself just get more educated about the business I’m now involved in. One thing I forgot to find out about was finding other Mandura people to ‘get with’ in order to better benefit my own growth in the company.

So, although I am standing alone with my own olive branch, ready to extend to anyone and everyone who’ll listen, it is a fact that Mandura in and of itself, is not a company about individuals. It’s most definitely a company about relationships.

Even as a sole IBO myself, I still stand to prosper with Mandura because they have the only compensation plan that is like theirs on the planet of home businesses. Eventually, even with my one $30/month autoship membership in the business I still stand to be in profit eventually,

because all of Mandura is one TEAM!

This was a revelation to me and I knew I’d found the right company to call ‘home’.

I can go on and on about all the wonderful things I have learned about Mandura, but the best thing to me is that by becoming a member, becoming a ‘rep‘, becoming an IBOIndependent Business Owner, my membership goes to helping the Kids Against Hunger Foundation!

This absolutely blew me away!

No way! I just find an online home based business with morals and ethics and such a heartfelt Mission!

I simply knew God was helping me in my difficult situation to find a way to continue to be happy about being loved by God and being a mother; quite possibly the highest honor and best job a woman could ever have.

I’m still at my mom’s house,

and I’ve just begun my Mandura Mission……

but I do see great things in the future now, my hope, my heart, my daughter, my God,


…and My Family!


Please learn more, it’s absolutely free to view the informative video on my own personal Mandura website. CLICK HERE for MY PERSONAL VIDEO:

And a final closing word, or two!

I will help anyone build this whomever wants to join from my site, add me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, add me on Skype, Mandura is a TEAM effort; about building relationships and prospering together!

Any home marketers who have internet skills, know a good opportunity when they see it and believe in the Mandura Mission and it’s vision should really get with me to put our marks on the future in a really commendable way.

Kids Against Hunger is an awesome foundation with Facebook groups you can join, I have joined them all, and would one day like to move near one so I can volunteer to pack meals all day.

Mandura is a win/win/win.

My huge heartfelt thanks go out to Catherine Anne Clark who inspired me to write about my Rising Above my Challenges, and finding a way of Abundance in my life.

The Mandura Mission was my choice. “

Cheers & Blessings*
~Corinna Zaccone
Independent Business Owner
Mandura Corporate

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