Abundance is an Attitude!

ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE is Key to Abundance


Gratitude-is-attitudeAs difficult as it can be, one must say ‘ThankYou’ for all that one has; and stop focusing on lack. Start the morning with a first thought of ‘Thank God I woke up today, for now I have another chance’. Then, always end one’s day with a last thought of ‘Thank God for what I did accomplish today’.

Now, we all have those days where accomplishment appears empty, for growth is a slow process. On these days, KEEP IT SIMPLE, and end the day with ‘Thank God I made it through this day’.

The message here is to not only seek but find as least one event, item, emotion, etc. to be Thankful for…..daily.

Once this becomes a Habit, one can practice this Action of Gratitude by the second; making this eventually a New Way of Living.

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Get yourself a JOURNAL, which is going to be for your eyes only.

1) Set an intention that you will allow yourself to quickly and easily identify and release whatever may be holding you back in any area of your life.

2) Think about something you would like in your life and ask yourself “Why don’t I yet have what I want?” and listen for the answers that are coming. You may want to add onto that “Whose fault is it?” That is often a good question for stirring up old feelings and buried FEELINGS.

3) As the answers come up, write them down, especially how you FEEL about this situation or any people that are involved. Let yourself really experience those feelings in your body.

4) Keep writing until you feel those initial feelings start to subside and then notice what is underneath.

5) Ask yourself “What beliefs do I hold about myself for all this to be true?” The answers will bubble up very quickly.

Journal suggestions, thanks to Amanda Goldston.

Find Amanda here: http://getyourdreamlife.com/

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