WOMAN of ACTION – Debbie Ogden

A Celebration of Women

is excited to Celebrate the Life of this brave, powerful Soul and Spiritual Guide. This woman carries a Gift that most humans would fear. She is devoting her life to the service of others, helping in the areas of life that can be referred to as Paranormal.

If you are having any strange experiences, please, Debbie is now available for all the Women of our World.


Debbie Ogden

Debbie is the loving Mother of four: Kerry Jones-stewart, Leanne Dellar, Nicola Jones, Sean Phillips and wife to loving husband, Mick and grandmother to wonderful babies…she has been able to communicate with the Spirit World all her life.

She is now a well known and respected Medium.

She is also a Reiki and Shambhalla Master.

She does private readings and also runs her own Development groups. Her main aim in life is to make people happy and she finds that there is nothing like putting a smile on all her clients faces.

Living and working from Manchester, United Kingdom,

Debbie is an experienced Spiritual Medium, she works very closely with her Guide White Eagle, She has also been part of the Psychic Detective team for 3 years.
Debbie works very closely with her Guide, White Eagle and together they try to advise and guide people on their pathways.

and her teaching Guide Great Bear.

She is part of the Psychic Detectives {website below.}

She also runs development groups and wanted to start this group so she could reach as many people as possible on their Spiritual Journey.

She is willing to help anyone who has a question about the Paranormal and will always answer her messages, although it may take her a couple of days to reply because she is very busy so please be patient you will hear from her.

You can ask any question eg, how to meet Your Guide?

Where do I Begin?

Is my House Haunted?

She will also help on Past Lives and Karma releasing.


Her birth-date symbolizes the following attributes: Exuberant and cheerful. Deep thinker. Good sense of humor. Understanding nature. Faithful towards family, friends and your love.

Easy going. Attractive personality. Generous. Amiable. Ambitious.

“If you would like a Private Sitting or Postal Reading,

{Paypal payments available}

then please email me …” offers Debbie.

Testimonials for

Spirit Readings,

Spirit Naming and Past life Readings……

  • “I was totally amazed at the accuracy of the reading that I received, truly amazing.” God bless you, Mrs B from Lancashire.
  • “Thank you so much for my reading I can not thank you enough the pleasure it has giving me is priceless.”
  • “Thank you for the most fabulous reading I have ever had, I really didnt expect the detail and evidence that you gave me, a truly gifted lady .”
  • “I cant tell you how happy you made me after I had my reading, to be in contact with my late husband was incredible. I now know he is still with me and that gives me such comfort.” God Bless you, Mr C from Walesx Maisie from Manchester.
  • “I would like to thank you first for my wonderful reading which was incredible, and secondly for my Past Life Reading, I was knocked sideways with that and it also explained an awful lot about the person that I am today. It has made me see things in a different light and now my life has taken a turn for the better.” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a talented Lady Mrs D from Cheshire.
  • How lucky you are to have such a gift… I am sort of on hold this year – with my health problems, but next year I am hoping my life will start a new chapter. Many thanks for that. Thank You Love & light, Lucy xx
  • “OH -MY -GOD We Are Not Worthy…When I started reading this, I came over all strange, and got a lump in my throat – like a brick was suddenly lodged there! Yes, my word, I AM interested in herbs and healing. In fact, an interest in herbal medicine as opposed to stuff from GP’s.. well it would be safe to say that is what started me on my Spiritual Quest!
  • I’ve got 2 pairs pf pearl stud earrings, and bracelets, too, yes they are gorgeous, but then so are crystals, of course..! Many Many Blessings to you, Mrs J from Kent. xx

It will my pleasure to answer your queries, Debbie.

Angel at: spirit.messenger33@hotmail.com .

Email Debbie direct at: shamballangel2007@yahoo.co.uk

A Celebration of Women

is honored to have a Woman of Such Spiritual Strength within reach….Bless Your Whitelight.

Brava, Debbie!

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